Monday, November 23, 2015

Church of England ad banned for featuring Lord's Prayer

Mostly I'm surprised they still recite that prayer, since it's sexist and patriarchal.
I should feel sympathetic. I am sympathetic, in fact, but in a larger and more abstract way. It's another sign of what 'multiculturalism' really means in the West, a sign of that 'tolerance' that only tolerates the shittier aspects of what we call human diversity.

But this isn't a fight I see the Church of England meaningfully fighting. They've rolled over when it's come to every major fight with the modern, secular world. Their whole sect was founded on the tenacity of their desire to roll over for a state authority who wanted to change a rule he found inconvenient. I don't think they're going to improve, now that the secular world is demanding their extinction, which they've otherwise resigned themselves to, when they're not outright encouraging it.

They'll complain, and then one of those ugly women they made into a bishop will complain that this sort of row is meaningless in a world where women are underrepresented as CEOs, and the CoE should focus on more important issues that can 'bring us together, not tear us apart.' And that will be that.

Those Christians with spirit should take a closer look at what's happening, and ask at what point they're willing to riot in response to this kind of shit.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hell is Other Christians

A hard lesson for many culturally conservative Christians to learn is that liberal Christians aren't really on their side. Their problem with the Gnu atheists isn't that the Gnus want to persecute, mock, belittle and generally attack Christians. Their problem is that liberal Christians aren't excluded from their ire.

If Richard Dawkins today announced that he was all wrong, and while atheism is the most rational position in the world in his view, the REAL problem is conservative Christians - the 'Religious Right' - and the left-wing Christians were the atheist's allies... you'd see a fair chunk of Christians celebrate Dawkins as a font of wisdom and the world's most brilliant scientist besides. Even ones calling Dawkins a hateful bigot right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Speaking of schadenfreude, how about the university protests?

Meanwhile, at Missouri U, a professor negotiates with a community leader.
A while back over on What's Wrong With the World, I made my views on universities clear: burn them all to the ground. Academia is a hellhole, and while there are some bright spots - Professor Feser, and others - they are few and far between, and can probably survive the destruction of these campuses.

At the time, there was pushback. Basically in the form of 'No, we have to retake them, they are important centers of learning!' and 'What about good ol' Aquinas U?' I was unmoved. As Black Lives Matters continues to claim scalps across academia - liberal scalps, by the way, because God has a sense of humor - I wonder if any of my opponents have been rethinking their stance on the matter.

I don't know about everyone else, but my plan seems easier than ever to accomplish. All you have to do is start announcing budget cuts at state universities. You think these places are going up in flames now? See what happens when the money's tighter. It's one thing to emasculate the liberal white male professors - that they cut and run in the face of Team SJW is a given.

But watch the fireworks when the Women's Studies department has to compete with the African American Studies departments to see who's taking a pay cut. Better yet? Make them all share the same unisex bathroom.

I guess I have changed my position. It's not enough to burn these places to the ground anymore. Now I want to do it in the funniest way possible.

Sympathy for the Atheist

I'm harsh about atheists, and most of that is directed towards the Cult of Gnu. But the fact is, I feel some sympathy for the modern atheist in one respect: imagine how many of them must feel right now if they actually believed that shit about atheism being all about free thinking and not being ashamed about sex.

It didn't take a decade - I'm pretty sure, not even half a decade - before more than half of the free-thinking anti-prudes took their masks off and, behold: they were SJWs. Atheism+ jackboots ready to lecture the world about how ashamed they should be about everything from being white to how men sit on the subway to the sexually attractive women in every piece of media they own. Their free-thinker allies suddenly informed them they'd better shut up about feminism, blacklivesmatter and everything else, unless they plan on pledging unrelenting support. Freethought is rightthought, not badthought.

Hell, they can't even criticize Islam without walking a minefield, if they can do it at all.

You may think this is a bit of schadenfreude, and I'm taking some pleasure in the atheists who woke up backstabbed, and let me assure you, from deep within the confines of my soul that, yes, that is completely true.

But just as true is the fact that it's not all humor. I do feel sorry for the betrayed atheists. They spent years thinking that, finally, they'll be able to jerk off to Princess Leia in peace if only they chase off Sister Mary Prudence. Then, the moment it looks all clear and their pants are around their ankles, Brianna Wu grabs their wrist and growls, "Not so fast!"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If atheism is defined as a lack of beliefs about God...

...then observation tells me most self-described atheists can't even get atheism right.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Defending the Evil Vicar

I've linked the above video before, as it's one of my favorite sketches. You'd think I'd hate it - the prissy, snobbish vicar, cast as an overbearing villain. But something about it always appealed to me, and I never really knew why. I mean, sure - it was /funny/, and I don't really need a reason beyond that. Sometimes a laugh's just a laugh.

Still, something was nagging at me about this entire exchange. And a few days ago, I finally managed to figure it out: the Vicar's in the right here.

Look at the context. You have the New Age touchy-feely woman dragging her 'You know, I don't even want to be here' husband to Church... and her interest in actual Christian teaching is utterly zero. All that matters is that Church is a more inclusive, happy place, and she likes that. It doesn't even matter that her husband doesn't give a rat's ass about it - he has to go and give it a chance, because, you'll see, it's just plain nice. It's not like you have to be Christian or anything.

It's just a Church.

The fact that we expect the vicar to find this all fantastic just shows how far things have slipped. Is the vicar an asshole? Sure he is, but he's completely justified in being pissed off. He's the vicar in charge of that Church, and apparently he actually believes in the teachings. No, he's not running a support group for people who feel the world needs more positive thinking. Here comes someone who's completely unconcerned with the teachings, and expecting that things are going to conform to her beliefs - and she's probably not alone in thinking that.

Better yet, the vicar has the couple clearly pegged. 'Internet-assembled philosophy' is apt - this woman barely knows what she believes, to say nothing of her husband. Oh, they're entitled to their beliefs? Great. Why does the vicar care? This place isn't putting this up to a vote, even if it is an Anglican church.

The final straw is the woman exclaiming 'We have a right to be here! This is a place of peace!' She's telling the vicar of the church what is and isn't right there, and she doesn't even believe any of it. All she cares about is how 'inclusive' the place is supposed to be and how nice the people are. Churches are supposed to be nice and the vicar isn't being nice. How dare he be sick of people like her! She's supposed to make people like him feel like they don't belong there, not the other way around!

Really, what self-respecting Christian wouldn't show these two the door, with or without an upraised cross and a loud voice?