Sunday, June 26, 2016

Strawman Dialogues: Frank the Father edition

A: Wow, you look like hell.
B: Thanks, just what I needed to hear.
A: Seriously though, look at you. Black eye, busted lip, bruises.
B: I know. Can you just patch me up a bit? I'm too out of it.
A: Okay, but...
B: Don't.
A: No, we have to talk about this.
B: Don't.
A: I'm not going to keep patching you up forever you know. Just because Frank's your father doesn't mean you have to put up with this shit.
B: Well, yes it does, so let's just drop it.
A: Here, tell me why he gave you the black eye.
B: He didn't mean to.
A: Oh really?
B: Yeah man, totally.
A: And he told you this?
B: Well, no.
A: Of course not.
B: Look, Lombardo came over afterwards. He said it was all a big misunderstanding and nothing to get worked up about, okay?
A: Lombardo always says that. How come Frank never does?
B: He's busy.
A: Not too busy to give you a busted lip. Did he apologize for that too?
B: Well, no. But I deserved that.
A: Why?
B: Well, I just did.
A: What did you do to deserve your dad splitting your lip open?
B: Well, I said Larry has been stealing money from my wallet.
A: ...Larry HAS been stealing money from your wallet. We have him on tape.
B: Yeah, but Larry's Dad's friend.
A: So?
B: So Dad doesn't like it when I accuse his friends of stealing.
A: But...
B: It just causes trouble, man.
A: Yeah, the trouble being that Frank keeps humiliating you.
B: No he's not, he's just doing what he thinks is best.
A: You can at least speak up for yourself.
B: Frank hates that.
A: Frank takes shit from people all the time, man. It's YOU who he doesn't take shit from, and it seems to be because he thinks you'll just take it.
B: No man, that's not right. His house, his...
A: It's not his house, man. That house is owned by your family. There's rules there, and Frank's barely following them.
B: Technically he's..
A: Technically bullshit. That's one thing Frank can't take away from you. Those rules are whatever they are, and even Frank has to follow those.
B: And those rules say to listen to Frank when..
A: Frank doesn't give a fuck who follows the rules except YOU. And he's afraid of you too. When you actually stand up for yourself, Frank backs off. You just never do it.
B: Frank will be angry.
A: Frank will deal with it. Because I'm sick of you justifying every black nose, busted eye and broken arm he gives you just because he's your dad. Your dad apologizes to fucking everyone. He should apologize to you too.

Francis versus Benedict

With a thank you to Ben Yachov for pointing out this contradiction:

Ratzinger: Avoid criticizing the Church in mass media.

Francis: Announces in mass media that the Church owes an apology to LGBT people for 'offending them'.

Granted, Ben's original thought was that this blog counted as 'mass media' and he didn't think this through. I can't help but notice that the chiding to not criticize the Church in the mass media seems to have become utterly irrelevant once the realization of Francis' act has sunk in.

Now we'll here that that was something Ratzinger said before he was pope, and also it's his personal opinion not binding advice, and so on and so on.

Pope doesn't just want an apology from gays - he wants forgiveness

Hey look. Yet more betrayal.

I'm sure this is okay. After all, the sins of particular religious are the sins of the entire Church. The sins of individual LGBT people - even organizations representing 'LGBT interests' - are not sins at all, but cries for help, and do not reflect upon the 'LGBT community' in any way.

So, while the Church is being attacked, savaged, and legislated out of not just the public life, but its own private institutions throughout the West, the Pope's leadership is to say: "Apologize to the people who are savaging you."

Oh, and to top it off, "Some priests were concerned with what I've done and turned to Benedict to help, but he told them off. Hahaha!"

I'd ask for pardon for my saying 'Fuck this pope', but I don't need any pardon for saying it.

Edit: Just to put this in perspective.

They're owed an apology, because the Church has offended them.

More good papal news

“The secularization of large sectors of society, its alienation from the spiritual and divine, leads inevitably to a desacralized and materialistic vision of man and the human family,” the June 26 declaration said. “In this respect we are concerned about the crisis of the family in many countries.” 
“The Armenian Apostolic Church and the Catholic Church share the same vision of the family, based on marriage, an act of freely given and faithful love between man and woman.”
 As I always say - I give credit where it's due.

You can check out the full text here.

Rather flies in the face of Marxism, so to speak, but there you go.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Demonizing the Brexit Leave supporters

The sense I got throughout the Brexit ordeal was that 'Leave' supporters were regarded as not just wrong, but monstrous. Racists, basically, with their hatred of anyone non-white being a driving force behind their vote. That sounds like a great way to demonize your opposition, and it is... but it runs two risks.

First, you have the nightmare scenario where you go all-in on calling your opponents (and anyone who supports him) a horrible, wicked racist - and then the bastard goes on and wins anyway. The only conclusion one can draw from that is that racists are actually pretty powerful and numerous, capable of winning elections. Nothing de-stigmatizes like a loss, and the result is that 'racism' loses power as a term. The one thing worse than having an accused racist win in the political arena is having an admitted racist win. Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet - but if the former keeps happening, the risk that the latter will take place starts to grow.

Second, and arguably worse in some ways, is that it actually cripples your ability to get much of anything done. Here's a funny thought re: the whole Brexit thing. I imagine many of the people who voted to leave could have been mollified with some concessions. Sure, they would have been sacrifices, but at this point who in the Remain team wouldn't have made some sacrifices to keep the EU? But... who makes concessions to evil, wicked racists? People would sooner make concessions to ISIS (and judging by the number of times ransom money has been paid to them, this isn't exactly news anyway.)

Notice that during the post-vote freakout seeking what largely seem like illusory ways to avoid the UK leaving the EU, no one's talking about making concessions in order to stay. It's all fantasies about forcing a revote with reworked rules, or overruling the referendum, etc. Literally the majority of voters are viewed as monsters who can't be reasoned with and whose desires don't count. (I notice the 'You robbed our youth of their desires!' schtick has started to die down upon realizing the youngest eligible voters were also the ones least likely to vote, by the by.)

I'd say people should learn from this, but I don't believe most are capable of it anyway, so I won't bother.

Brexit Remainers: Let's invalidate the previous vote! Let's vote again but change the rules!

Globalists and leftists do not suffer defeat. They do not believe it is possible, in a way. Any vote they do not win is an invalid vote.

So now we're seeing petitions demanding a revote. Or declaring the brexit results null because it should require a supermajority. Or...

Etc, etc.

Please understand: if it was within their power to simply stage a coup and FORCE the UK to remain in the EU, these people would do it. Gladly. They'd do it even if the vote went 60-40 against them.

Take a good look at what you're facing, ladies and gentlemen.

What a week!

This is just an amazing week.

* Brexit succeeds, complete with Nigel Farage unwittingly turbo-trolling the entire world by conceding then unconceding multiple times live and on the air. I'm sure this was just a bit of pessimism on his part, but this is a moment where pessimism accidentally turns into a hilarious kind of cruelty. He may as well have been playing the part of Bugs Bunny during a poker game. 'I've got a full house! What do you have?' "Gosh, I just have two pair... see? A pair of ones... and another pair of ones!"

* Once upon a time I called Richard Carrier a handjob with poor impulse control, and that evaluation continues to prove apt. I'd say one should wait to hear his side of the story in a matter like this, but let me be honest: I think at this point Richard Carrier is the Michael Jackson of atheism. Not because he's talented (please), or even because he's super well-known (he is not), but because you only need a minute of observation to realize you're dealing with a creepy, fucked up individual. You think I'm talking about his hair, but no: just read him describe his polyamory. Tell me if he doesn't sound like the sort of guy who women absolutely, positively do not want to be left alone in a room with.

* Trump slammed out a speech about Hillary Clinton that left even her supporters nervous. I think, at this point, the fear isn't just that Trump can win. It's that he can make her into a failure even if she manages to stumble her way across the finish line.

Of course, there's been more than that. Annoying statements by the Pope, and alt-tabbing shows me that Cardinal Marx is calling on the Church to apologize to gays and respect relationships where anal sex is center stage. But those three happenings are, taken together, either great (The speech, Brexit) or sufficiently hilarious for me to call this week a win.