Thursday, June 24, 2010


You go to these big Democratic multi-billionaires ... and you ask them all to give 2, ... a couple million each ... That's all they got to do for Valerie Jarrett... that's not hard for them.

What I find most curious about this sort of thing is, just how common is it? And I'm not going to pretend this is somehow a Democrat thing or a Republican thing. But Blagojevich seems to come up with this idea so casually that I wonder how common it is in America.

Notice, by the way, what Blagojevich's plan here was: He'll start a charity, a few well-off Democrats will throw some money his way - hey, it's a worthy cause! - and coincidentally he'll live quite a nice, comfortable, relatively work-free life.

You do know a charity can pay its employees, right? And that this pay can be six figures easily?

By the way: Did you know that Presidential Library Foundations are considered charities? I wonder what the salaries of the heads of those things (Usually the president, if living, apparently) tend to be. 0$?

I found it pretty interesting that most presidents tend to be buried at their presidential libraries nowadays. Betcha thought people stopped buildings pyramids a long time ago, eh?


RD Miksa said...

Good Day Crude,

Sorry to be off-topic (I had no other way to contact you), but I am the author of the Argument from Evolution and I just wanted to let you know that I have completed revised, changed and enhanced that argument (not on the blog-site, but in my own writings). It has now turned into a book-length work and when I publish it (even self-publish), I will send you a free copy for assessment if you like.

Thank you again for looking at the argument and take care.

RD Miksa

Crude said...

RD Miksa,

No problem at all being off-topic, this is a casual place. I'll shoot you an email, because I would love to read this newly revised, changed, etc argument. It's very interesting and I want to see where you go with it (or where others can go with it).

Incidentally, Daniel Harrell over at Biologos has a piece you may find interesting. (Personally, I think Biologos is generally far too craven, but this one piece stood out to me as noteworthy.)