Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oil Gushing!

Oil could be gushing for up to 2 more years from the BP oil spill!

Is there any reason to think this leak really couldn't be plugged before that long? I admit it's possible - I don't know anything about plugging deep-sea oil leaks (and, others may charge, neither does the government or BP). But I get the vague feeling it's like a newspaper reporting that some plane carrying the president "may collide with the moon", if for some reason it doesn't run out of fuel or change its direction.

By the way, I notice that one way this leak is being dealt with is having ships vacuum up the oil that floats to the surface. If I were the CEO of British Petroleum, I'd demand the immediate return of that recovered oil to my company, arguing they were BP's property. Really, if the public is going to hate you no matter what, it's time to consider welcoming it and having fun while you can.

Then again, I think the CEO is already doing exactly that.

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