Friday, June 25, 2010

One Problem with Intelligent Design!

I do have a lot of criticisms of Intelligent Design, at least those ID proponents with a Christian mindset. Here's one way to sum it up.

Here is Genesis 1 according to the NIV New Testament.

Here is what I sometimes think the entirety of Genesis 1 says in the minds of ID proponents.

My point is this: Notice that in Genesis, God creates a lot of things - everything, of course - before getting to man. And God keeps declaring these things to be good. Not 'Good, because man can really use these things!' Just plain good.

I think, of course, man is made in the image and likeness of God. But the idea that 'the whole point of the cosmos is specifically human life' just seems a bit odd to me. Not that it's necessarily false, mind you, but it's not what I take away from Genesis.

One reason I bring this up is because the ID mindset tends to view everything through a very specifically human lens, regarding everything on earth as somehow ultimately coming down to useful for humans. The idea of things existing for their own sake - because they are, in fact, good - just seems elusive to many with that mindset. In fact, one point of opposition to any kind of evolution seems to be, "What the hell was God thinking, making all those dinosaurs before humans could do anything with them! They could have made great pets or zoo creatures!"

Mind you, I think there's quite a lot of truth there. Earth and evolution both seem awfully convenient in many ways, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth from many atheists engaged in atheological apologetics tries to downplay this immensely. (Putting off tremendous vibes of, "No no no, you don't want to view evolution as teleological in any way! Just... no. Please don't do that.") But, it doesn't seem like it should be regarded as the whole story.

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