Friday, June 18, 2010

There's Maybe 20 People Max Discussing Science & Religion & Philosophy!

So, I was following a comment thread elsewhere about the interface between science and religion. One contributor seemed to have great and interesting points which I've rarely seen brought up before, so I tried to contact them for some more discussion.

Turns out I knew them. In fact, I've found this person more than once before, going off similar observations. And I've bumped into other people more than once the same way.

I also notice that the same names keep on popping up in comments section after comments section of blogs/sites with related themes (Science & Religion, Christianity, etc.) And, of course, you also get the 'anonymous' people who sound suspiciously like other prominent posters.

More and more it's seeming as if that a tremendous amount of blog comments in a given 'area' are courtesy of a surprisingly small handful of commenters. And of course, far too many times you'll find a 50-100+ comment thread where most of that bulk is courtesy of 2-3 people.

I don't have a particular point here, I suppose. Only that it seems like so much internet traffic and blog popularity is driven by small groups of people with way too much time on their hands (myself being one). There's something wrong with blogging culture, and the comment culture that goes with it.

Something for me to ponder.

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