Friday, July 23, 2010

Gay Priest Scandal!

There are active gay priests in the Catholic Church?

What a shock!

And by shock I mean, it's been well known and complained about for decades. Particularly by traditionalists, to my recollection. In fact, one of the first reactions to the sex abuse scandals has been - to the consternation of media and gay activists alike - to point out how A) Far and away most of the cases involved priests preying on boys, B) The boys in question were post-pubescents and C) therefore, it's worth wondering whether if the sex abuse problem has been, to some degree, related to the presence of active gay priests, a gay subculture in the church, etc.

Which inevitably invites the critical reply that it's hateful and shameful to suggest that men molesting 13-16 year old boys may have anything to do with homosexual or bisexual urges. It's like saying that 25 year old guys who want to have sex with 16 year old girls have urges that are utterly detached from their gender preferences. It's downright delusional.

To the Vatican's partial credit, their response was an immediate call to all priests "leading a double life" to leave the church. Of course, a gay activist in the first article claims that this would lead to serious operational problems. Which, I'm sure many faithful would respond to with, "So fucking what?" That's like being told that if you got rid of every foreign spy in the state department, it would be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Mind you, I think there is a huge gulf of difference between, say... a priest who may have one urge or another, but does not act on it, and the sort of priests Panorama is highlighting.

On the flipside, it also emphasizes the need to encourage vocations among more men in the church. Not just priestly vocations, mind you, but across the board. Hopefully that's another area the church will move forward on, and I was gratified by B16's call for more internet evangelization in particular, along with evangelizing Europe. At least he seems aware of some areas the Church needs to focus on.


Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Apropos (not the gay bits!), I'm discerning either deacon-catechist-translator-husband for Asia or FSSP priest for… wherever they might send me. My "vocation" had me up for a good half hour last night around 3AM. Prayers appreciated.

Crude said...

And prayers are what you'll get! Me, I have to get off my ass and do more for the Church in general.