Saturday, July 24, 2010

Homosexuals, Christians, and Approach!

You know, I'm what most people would label as very "socially conservative". But I have to admit, my own views about how to approach so-called "homosexuals" as individuals, and organizations that generally advance a "gay agenda", tends to differ pretty deeply from what I tend to see when people discuss it.

For one thing, I don't like the label "homosexual". It seems like a modern invention in many ways, borne out of identity politics (accent on the politics), and I try to avoid it as a result. Put short, everyone else's "homosexual" is my "human being, with urges of type X". I reject any attempts, by either side, to define a person so thoroughly by one urge or another. As usual, I'm hypersensitive to language, only because I think it matters tremendously. Very Catholic of me, I suppose.

I also think it's important to differentiate a person with such urges from the larger cultural mentality or network of organizations. Organizations and ideas are in large part abstract things that can be fought and resisted, and I consider it important to do so. Individuals are people who, to a man, I think must be saved from those corrupt organizations and ideas. As ever, it's very easy to confuse the two. I'm sure I slip on this sometimes, on all manner of subjects (Especially with figureheads and leaders.) But it's important to keep it in mind, always.

But for the people in question, that strikes me as the important first step. If someone says "I'm queer!" or "I'm a homosexual!" or "I'm gay!", my response is "No, you're not a label. You're a person with certain desires, even certain views. It does not define you wholly. People are more complicated than that." And this is only a first step.

But it's a first step that sidesteps the whole mistaken path about "The Gays", this mistaken - and, from my socially conservative perspective, counterproductive - idea of people with certain desires as a kind of monolithic group, or individual embodiment of a warped idea. And it's a first step towards helping people understand that defining themselves as "Gay, lesbian, or bisexual" is never something wholly thrust upon them, regardless of their urges or the reasons for them. They really can reject those labels, because they do have and make choices.

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