Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sparring with Nick Matzke and the NCSE!

I decided to wade into a discussion over at Tom Gilson's Thinking Christian blog. Nick Matzke shows up to angrily denounce "conservative" Christianity for not coming down decisively and universally on evolution and the age of the earth. I argue that Nick Matzke, the National Center for Science Education, and other "science defenders" routinely act as if young earth creationists and evolution deniers are the only ones 'abusing science' and being 'anti-intellectual', while they patently ignore outrageous abuses by many naturalists and "New Atheists".

So if you're interested in that sort of discussion, give it a read.


The Phantom Blogger said...

I had never heard of this guy Nick Matzke before. You took him a part. He didn't even attempt to reply to your last post.

Crude said...

Nick tends to just plain leave in the middle of many discussions, very much a drive-by guy. He's kind of a one-man NCSE.

What's sad is that he clearly sees problems with the New Atheists and the abuses of science from the direction from that direction, but whenever he discusses such he becomes a mouse. Even while they're screaming and verbally attacking him. Someone I know recently said it's because the atheists in question are entrenched within academia, and thus can actually make life difficult for Nick if they choose to. I admit, that's something to think about.