Saturday, August 7, 2010

GEDs for 13 Year Olds.

Just to sweeten the pot that was my previous post, I want to throw out some suggestions I'd have for reforming education.

* Allow 13+ year olds to take their GED, with or without parental consent, and utterly without consent of their teachers. If a child has the knowledge and personal dedication sufficient to acquire the necessary skills to pass a well-tuned GED at a young age, more power to them. And every new school semester, all students should be informed of this opportunity clearly and immediately.

* All universities receiving public funds should be required to make all class materials (Lectures, lecture notes, course outlines, reading assignments and references, class assignments, etc) available to the public, free of charge, and available online.

* All universities receiving public funds should be required to institute certification options for the majority of their classes, and all classes at the 400+ level, with certain exceptions for particularly sensitive professions (Medical).

* The diploma system should be overhauled and largely phased out, replaced with certifications and aptitude tests on a class by class basis. No more "majors" or "minors" or degree programs for most subjects: Classes are a la carte, with the only prerequisites coming in the form of certification and testing.

I know I'm not exactly taking a popular position here. Hell, it would spell the end for the university system as we know it. But it would be vastly preferable to the travesty that is modern adult education.

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