Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama Muslim Polls!

White House says Obama is obvious a Christian and he prays daily!

Now, I've never been onboard with the whole 'Obama is a muslim!' thing. But, what stands out to me is that the defense of "Obama is obviously a Christian. I mean he prays daily!" seems bizarre. The implication is... what, muslims don't pray?

I'm waiting for Newsmax or Freerepublic to add in their own details. Namely affirming that, yes, Obama does pray daily. Three times a day. Facing Mecca.


Ilíon said...

That ought to be five times (and don't forget the butt in the air part ;) ).

Crude said...

That ought to be five times

C'mon. Even if he's a muslim, he's a liberal muslim. Three fits the bill!

Actually, as an aside - I've seen quite a number of muslim-related iphone apps. Some nice christian ones too. But I would almost swear the muslim ones came first.

Ilíon said...

*grin* Why didn't I think of that?