Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Universe is Information! And other gems.

Vlatko Vedral says the universe is information.

Thankfully the article is very blunt: Information, not particles, is the ultimate building block.

Of course, Vedral isn't the first physicist to take this line, and whenever they do the Intelligent Design people smile and nod their heads. And the Aristo-Thomists, I take it, yawn and say "Information is fundamental? What else is new."

Vedral himself seems to give this a kind of anti-religious spin, regarding humans as 'just atoms' (But what do you think atoms are, Vedral?), and there's always the God-as-complex canard (Cue the classical theists' arguments, and cue the ID proponents pointing out that if the universe is information/computational, it implies a programmer.) Apparently in his book he tries to connect all this to a kind of hinduism, and that idea that "information comes from nothing! it just happens according to the laws of physics!" Of course, then we ask where the laws come from and... well, we're right back to pure act and God after all, it seems.

I find it all interesting, anyway, because it backs up some suspicions of mine: That the New Atheists (remember them? they're kinda absent nowadays) are a red herring, as is materialism of the kind we've seen before. No, the future for naturalists and naturalism is... Intelligent Design. Paganism, or unusual kinds of theism. Materialism, as we know it, died a long time ago.

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