Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama, you prick!

I have trouble believing this is serious.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't like Obama, and I also think this teenager sounds like kind of an ass. "It's the sort of thing teenagers do" doesn't sound like a very sincere or well-considered excuse, coming from not only a teenager, but the one whose action is in question.

Maybe he threatened the president (apparently he was 'drunk' and forgot what he actually wrote). But being banned from the US over insulting the president in an email? That just doesn't seem realistic.

On the other hand, maybe he called Obama a pig instead of a prick. Then the banning would make sense, because that's a pretty grave insult to a muslim.


Drew said...

He's probably lying, because he says he doesn't remember what he wrote but he could easily look in his Sent Items.

Crude said...

Yeah, very good point.

J N said...

Hm. I fail to see why he is threatened by a drunk man in his country.

Crude said...

As Drew said, there's probably more to this story. "I don't remember what I wrote in an email" sounds pretty inane. What, did he delete his sent folder in his drunken stupor too?

It's just odd reporting.

Ignorance said...

Hello Crude,

This is one of the fuller versions I came across, that also includes an alleged response by Lagrange and Laplace responding to that:

It comes from the work of Victor Hugo quoting Arago, if you want to check whether it is actually reported.

Crude said...


Thank you. Something is missing from this, though - I swear I read a quote by LaPlace which was around a paragraph long, where he explained the duties he had to Napoleon as a scientist, and therefore the reason for his writing what he did. "Explains everything, but predicts nothing" touches on that, but there was more detail.

I'll find it eventually. I'd hit a library myself and just dig if I even knew where to begin.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Try Jaki's Road of Science or The Relevance of Physics. i have them at home and will peruse the indices for LaPlace

cathy said...

I kinda hate to spoil the fun, but it seems there may be less to this story. (But some of the comments are entertaining.)

Crude said...

Thanks, Cathy. As I said, something about this story just seemed so damn odd. Journalism at its finest.