Thursday, November 4, 2010

Was George Carlin an atheist?

This is a question that came to me while reading a recent entry over at the Cogitator's blog. I admit, Carlin had deep dislike for Catholicism and Christians generally. He mocked the usual image of a 'bearded man in the sky'. But I finally had to ask myself... did Carlin ever call himself an atheist?

Oddly enough, the two obscure references I found to Carlin on his own beliefs said otherwise. One had Carlin quoted as saying he was neither an atheist nor an agnostic on the subject of God's existence, but an acrostic: That the very question puzzled him. Another source was a second-hand report of Carlin denying he was an atheist, specifically because it struck him as a worldview.

Either way, now I'm intrigued. See, I've been a fan of Carlin since I was a little kid. (Sam Kinison and Eddie Murphy too, for what it's worth.) I'd like to know where he stood... and I have a suspicion that where he stood is closer to Bill Maher than anyone else.

So, any of you guys got a lead for me?

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