Monday, January 3, 2011

Angry at God?

Maybe you are.

Or maybe not. Of interest:

According to Exline's findings, Protestants, African Americans, and older people tend to report less anger at God; people who do not believe in God may still harbor anger; and anger toward God is most distressing when it is frequent, intense, or chronic.

So, that 'atheists are angry at God' thing actually does have some scientific evidence to back it up now.



Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

I've wrangled with this Ben fellow a few times before. He picked up on Exline's story.

"…there are just so many messed up things in the definition of god that I've been intellectually unable to disregard in favor of some simplistic sky daddy picture."

Crude said...

I had a look at WoE's entry. I see he's very angry at Anakin Skywalker.

Most of the rest was hard to piece together, since it seemed pretty ramble-ish. So contra Carrier he thinks many atheists are angry at God, personally he's confused about God even though he claims he doesn't believe. But it's okay for atheists to be angry at God because 'they're human' and this doesn't prove God exists or... something.

Though I do love that the very idea that a supposedly scientific study showing that some atheists are angry at God absolutely means "there's either a problem with the questions, the interpretation of the results, or communication of what was actually found." Because some beliefs we can be so certain of that science can never truly contradict 'em, eh Mehta?a