Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catholics Proselytizing?

I wonder if there any any Catholic organizations devoted to proselytizing in the West? Specifically targeting inactive catholics and agnostics, even.

In fact, does ANYone bother targeting the 'none's in the US? Not the radically smaller 'atheist' group, but those generally 'religiously nothing' sorts.



Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Catholic Answers is pretty active.

Anyway, I originally came here to pass along a funny anecdote.

I recently came across a nice enough copy of WATCHMEN at a used bookstore here and finished it last night. (So now I might need to go back and read your Platonic dialogue between Dr. Manhattan and Rorshach (?) heheh. By the end, I felt it was an excellent read and want to read it again.) The funny thing is this: in chapter IV I saw the word "refudiated"! I'm not the first too notice this proto-Palinism, but it was a delight to discover it for myself so randomly. http://securityhippo.blogspot.com/2010/10/palins-critics-refudiated.html

and http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/reply.php?topic=398898&forum=32&post=6910809&quote=1

Crude said...

Is Catholic Answers really devoted to converting people though? It seems like they're more of a place for people who are already Catholic to ask questions. Valuable, but not not what I was aiming for with this one.

As for Watchmen, it's an interesting book. Especially now that Ed ran that bit about Mr. A (I didn't know there was a Randian who was let loose in the comics industry!)

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

I think CAI is more evangelistic than you realize. Sure, they take a lot of Q's from confused Catholics, but the majority of calls I've heard are from "lapsed" Catholics and I know they have a lot of writing on the basic Gospel for nonbelievers.

There's also EWTN. Technically "for Catholics", but I agree with the words of a Benedictine father, former atheist, whom I met in Germany: "The best means of evangelism is the Eucharist." Evangelism is the active presentation of the evangel, which is best, and sacramentally, embodied in the Eucharist. EWTN has huge outreach and the default audience is the "none" person of which speak.

I'm also sure there are numerous small apostolates in Europe and Africa which we don't know about aimed at basic conversion. Perhapy your question assumes a wider cleft between evangelism and worship than I believe exists.

Crude said...

I think the main issue I have with CAI is only that taking calls, providing information online, etc.. that seems so reactive. I'm picturing here more of something that involves actively going out and trying to bring agnostics into the fold. Approaching them specifically.

But this isn't to say CAI is useless or anything, far from it. Even going after lapsed catholics is of major importance.