Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pointing Out the Obvious!

Ever notice so many atheists inevitably tend to be people who openly hope like hell that Christianity (or Judaism, or Islam or..) isn't true? And that these same people turn around and accuse people who believe in God as being engaged in wish fulfillment?


Ilíon said...

One can't expect rational consistence of these folk -- they're like a certain type of political operative, who will toss *any* mud on the chance that some of it will stick.

Ilíon said...

In similar vein is the "argument" that we Christians are -- ipso facto -- cowards and/or weak-willed sheeple and/or unable to stand on our own two feet. And the proposed "solution" to our asserted problem is always to choose to be cowed into abandoning Christ out of fear at being ridiculed.