Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meanwhile, at Peter Woit's Blog

Woit and company give their thoughts on Stephen Hawking's musings as of late.

Their short take: Hawking no longer is making much sense (on the cosmological end of things) and has basically given up intellectually. They're engaging in some fairly heavy psychoanalyzing, which I'd normally say is off limits - but Hawking sees fit to psychoanalyze everyone else, so screw it.

Oddly enough, I think what they think may be happening with Hawking may well be happening with far more scientists: Maybe they're getting the sense that we're approaching a wall on the 'big questions' as far as science goes, where all that's left are ideas and no real way to test them. But rather than admit that answers may not be forthcoming, they just swap in speculation and call it science. It's all multiverses, you see!

It reminds me of that bit about the scientists scaling the cosmological mountain only to come across theologians saying "What took you guys so long?" Except in this case, the scientists are looking for what the most comprehensive theories about the universe shall look like, and they find them in a book labeled "Metaphysics".

Which, I suppose, would constitute evidence that hell exists - for certain scientists, anyway.

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