Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Those damn extremists.

Brandon over at Siris has an interesting reference regarding Martin Luther King on extremism. It helps to build a thought I've had for a while now: Ranting against "extremism", as if extremism itself were the problem, is nonsense. Especially in America, a country founded by extremists. Ones who were willing to kill over taxes, no less.

And of course, there's Martin Luther King himself. You know, praised up and down nowadays, but frankly at the time he was a real pain in the ass. That's the point of him, you know, but somehow one gets the impression that MLK mostly gave stirring speeches and somehow that changed everything. The whole "dragged away kicking and screaming by police, when they weren't having firehoses turned on them" part gets downplayed heavily. I suspect some people think only "the bad ones" did that.

I guess that's the lesson. People, even "moderates", don't hate extremists. They often love them. They just call them something else.

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