Friday, October 28, 2011

Prophecies of Crude

Herman Cain is a black man who knows his place, says MSNBC analyst.

Really, I don't like any of the people running for president. Even Cain seems to be a guy who is deeply entangled with the financial forces that routinely bilk the government out of millions. But, I'll make a prediction.

If Cain manages to win the GOP nomination - if Cain manages so much as to win the VP slot and take on a prominent, Palin-like role - we will see someone slip up on live TV and call Cain a nigger. Someone liberal-left.

Because, there's two sides to the Cain coin. While the some conservatives may love him as the rare black man who is in line with their political ideals, some liberals will love him for the reason that he can be a black man they can "safely" hate. Much like Sarah Palin was the woman those of a particular liberal bend could safely hate. And they will go a bridge too far when in the grip of emotion.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Cult of Gnu and the War on Metaphysics

I'm lately realizing that quite a number of people who maintain a hatred for metaphysics and who claim to reject metaphysical reasoning don't seem to realize that materialism and naturalism are metaphysical views.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Congratulations, but...

To the late Ralph Steinman, congratulations - of sorts - are in order for his belated Nobel prize. But here's the problem, straight from the article.

He never knew his life's work had been crowned with the highest accolade science can bestow,

"Science" doesn't bestow anything. In this case, a committee "bestowed" the award on Ralph Steinman.

There's a reason this word is treated like a person, and mangled so consistently. Fight the abuse at every corner.