Friday, October 28, 2011

Prophecies of Crude

Herman Cain is a black man who knows his place, says MSNBC analyst.

Really, I don't like any of the people running for president. Even Cain seems to be a guy who is deeply entangled with the financial forces that routinely bilk the government out of millions. But, I'll make a prediction.

If Cain manages to win the GOP nomination - if Cain manages so much as to win the VP slot and take on a prominent, Palin-like role - we will see someone slip up on live TV and call Cain a nigger. Someone liberal-left.

Because, there's two sides to the Cain coin. While the some conservatives may love him as the rare black man who is in line with their political ideals, some liberals will love him for the reason that he can be a black man they can "safely" hate. Much like Sarah Palin was the woman those of a particular liberal bend could safely hate. And they will go a bridge too far when in the grip of emotion.


Ashley Duque Kienzle said...

You are nuts. No way that happenson any of the five major networks.

I can see liberals, behind closed doors, calling him a 'house nigger' or whatever, but not on national TV.

Maybe on a podcast or a liberal radio show, where they have lots of time to fill and tend to slip up.

Crude said...

It wouldn't be much of a prophecy if it were goddamn obvious! ;)

It'd have to be a live broadcast, of course. But that's the thing about slip-ups - they don't exactly happen when you expect it. I'm not saying they're going to call him that and stand by it. But if he gets the nomination for president or VP, it's going to be a big "oops" moment.

But that's my bet. Cain would throw a bizarre twist into the election politics.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Unrelated, but amusing and apt for some of your running concerns:

natehardee said...

I doubt he wins anything now, what with the allegations of paying off women to keep quiet about his conduct around him.

Crude said...

Could well be. But there's a very decent chance no one will care, even if the allegations are backed up. It depends on what they turn out to be, how supported they are, and how serious they are.

It sure hasn't sunk him yet.

One Brow said...

It also depends upon who says it. I would not surprised at all if Al Sharpton uses the term.