Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogs at a Glance!

Over at Reppert's blog, the local Village Idiot atheist yammers on at length about something (philosophy of intentionality) he demonstrably knows nothing about. People fight him and point out his flaws. He doesn't understand, or care to understand: he's too busy angrily denouncing all things theological, because he's certain that to reject naturalism is to embrace Christianity.

Meanwhile at Feser's blog, a new Village Idiot atheist shows up and yammers on about the exact same thing, with the same lack of knowledge, the same responses, and the same inability to understand why he's getting some basic facts wrong - and an apparent lack of either understanding or care for the fact that he can, in fact, be wrong.

I could probably repeat this for almost every site of interest. Well, not so much Valicella's blog, since he has the wisdom to be a comment nazi. Or Triablogue - I don't comment there anymore, since Steve went apeshit with the anti-Catholic stuff (I was able to put up with it until the graphic images came into play), but they at least know how to keep a conversation properly framed.

It's sad that 95% of all worthwhile Christian blogs go down this same hole. There really has to be a change to comment culture, because holy God, you can generally find the same 5-10 atheists on a wide variety of sites, babbling like crazy and drawing fire all day. And they Never*. Are. Very. Intelligent. And I just don't have the time to engage in this shit anymore - I'd rather converse with people, or present an idea. Not fight the same ten jackoffs who aren't even saying anything salient.

(* I'm talking here about the guys who camp multiple comment boxes, and make it their living to basically fight the Big Scary Theist Ideas wherever they show up. Except they fight the Big Scary Theist Ideas the same way dogs fight the Big Scary Mailman. By making a lot of noise, and hoping that does the trick. It doesn't, but there ya go.)


man with a computer said...

But nobody said this whole thing was about argument and exchange of ideas. It could be for us, but for them it's about politics and cultural dominance. No amount of apologetics, no matter how solid, is going to convince an emotionally invested guy in college who sees in religion a threat to his privileges, i.e. money and prestige for the academic, vidya games and porn for the student.

Have you ever wondered why their arguments are so shallow? It's not because they are interested in the truth; it's because one doesn't need more than that to defuse the average uneducated believer and toss him aside. And when parroting arguments and canards doesn't work, you can always resort to mockery and ostracism (which is what usually happens in college -- some clever devil figured out that kids are emotionally vulnerable in a new social environment, so forcing them to change their views to 'fit in' is an easy task).

Happy new year.

Crude said...

Ha. You speak truth.

I wondered once upon a time, but not any longer. They're not interested in truth - they're interested in politics, very personal politics. It's not God who is the problem, it's the religion God is attached to - and that religion, because of what it teaches, not because of what it's founded on.

Seth said...

Well said Crude. I too get annoyed with shallow arguments that are often filled with vitriol instead of class (atheist, theist, deist, etcist). While the discussions can get pretty "stupid" (lack of a better word at the moment) in the blogosphere, it's much worse over at youtube and amazon's discussion boards.

Crude said...

Oh man, youtube. Don't remind me. I wish they'd bring back the option to hide all comments, but I get the feeling the site's traffic suffers when the dumber people aren't locked in arguments in the comments sections.

Amazon's... I would have assumed that a (well, mainly) bookselling site would be a little better, but somehow I doubt it.

I think the main problem I have is that blogs end up being about nothing but the comments section. The blog entries themselves end up falling by the wayside. And that's particularly sad for Christian blogs.

BTW, if that's a FFT avatar, neat. If it's Tactics Ogre, even better!

Seth said...

The cool thing about K9 Blue Coat protection for computers is that it automatically hides all comments on youtube. Of course, you can click "show comments," but I usually don't.

The Amazon discussions are shallow to say the least; the discussions I've had and read anyway. I write reviews on Amazon, try to be objective as possible in the review and I still receive stooopid comments every now and then. For example, I recently wrote a review for Hitchens' book "God is not great..." and less than a day later a guy commented on my review going through some arguments for theism and telling me (my words) how much of a joke Hitchens was. I didn't give any indication whether I was an atheist, theist, agnostic, whatever; he just assumed since I said Hitchens' book was a good read that I was a raving, god/christian hating atheist. *sigh*

My avatar is the male knight from FFT. I actually kept a knight in my party to the end. He was beefed up by the time I fought the last battle. Tactics Ogre is so good too!

Crude said...

Yeah, it's not just atheists who can bring things down. My general view is that if a site's appeal primarily comes from the arguments you can get into in the comments section, something is wrong.