Monday, January 23, 2012

Gingrich Versus the Media!

Ahh, Gingrich. I question your scruples, even your record, but I can't question your style.

How can I not have a little more respect for the man after a move like that? Look at the grace he delivered that blow with. It's like he somehow managed to distill several decades of pent up conservative anger at the media and unleash it all, then and there, right when he was supposed to go down in flames.

Not that I think much of him otherwise. There's a vague "well, at least he's not Obama" thing going on. And I admit, his ability to articulate conservative principles is valuable - and part of me would love to see him go against Obama in debate. But at the end of the day I know better than to expect all that much out of him, or any of the Republicans. About the only candidate who seems trustworthy is Ron Paul - he's a lot of things, and consistent happens to be one of them.

Still, I find myself liking Newt more and more as the Republicans continue to tear him down. "He'll never win the general election!" I hear. And you know, that seemed persuasive to me... until I remembered this is what these idiots said about McCain. Remember McCain? 2008? How he was moderate and a friend of the media and was the perfect candidate to go up against Obama? He's got the experience! He's not viewed as extreme!

And. He. Got. Creamed.

I don't see Romney doing all that much better. His credentials are screwy, he's not an articulate speaker, and I don't even know what his positions are anymore - my only hope comes from his apparently being a loyal mormon translating into social conservatism. But that's kind of a reach, isn't it? I'm not a big fan of supporting a guy, hoping his liberal image is all a ****ing canard.

I guess we'll see. But so far, Newt's at least given everyone one hell of an interesting moment on stage, and that's something.

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The Deuce said...

And. He. Got. Creamed.

That was all Sarah Palin's fault! You need to get with the official narrative, man.