Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Loftus Blogs - The Shocking Truth

Shocking if you're completely inept and need things spelled out for you anyway.

From his 'Why I'm Leaving Freethought Blogs Back to My Old One' post, let's...

Actually, let's just stop for a moment and parse that sentence: why he's leaving freethought blogs back to his old one. Perhap he thunk it the thought was to be given out for free, but it be no be doing that, so buh-bye. Your atheist defender, gentlemen.

Also, let's stop at this chestnut, with emphasis added: My aim is to reach Christians in ways they can understand. I treat Christian beliefs respectfully for the most part. 

I mean, ignore Loftus' track record here - you only have to go back in the same month worth of posts to find the man cracking this out: It’s not just the utter buffoons I’m talking about, which are many, but all of them. Christians are illogical and delusional. This I know, after spending years in my own delusion and after years of dealing with them since my deconversion. How can they be so deluded, I ask myself? How can they be so dumb?

This, by the way, in the context of explaining why he's not going to reply to some supposed PhD-holder criticizing his work. 'All the Christians are dumb and stupid I can't waste my time actually responding to their arguments.'

But this has all been a sideshow. The question is: why does Loftus blog? What is he trying to achieve by maintaining his site, by writing his books?

The answer may shock you: This blog is just too busy with ads for my readers, which is okay since we’re here to get paid for blogging. Getting paid to blog first attracted me to this site. But since I don’t write on the same kinds of topics, many of the Freethought bloggers link to each other’s posts rather than to mine. This boosts their traffic and income over mine since we get paid based on the overall percentage of page loads per month, leaving me less of the financial pie simply because I don’t write on the same topics. I’m not complaining.

And... there you have it. Loftus is in this for the money. As I've said before, he's pretty much the Jim Bakker of Atheism, except Jim Bakker was actually wildly successful. Loftus is barely clocking in at third-rate. I mean, here we have a guy who's been at this schtick for years - and he can't stand out of the pack even among atheists. And we're not talking Harris and Dawkins. We're not even talking that lovable scamp PZ Myers. We're talking excitable teens and twenty-something amateur atheist dweebs, flailing wildly.

So, Loftus backs out with some interesting excuses. One, on a blog site pretty much dedicated to atheism and attacking religious belief, people talk about different things than he does - he being the guy whose entire schtick is atheism and attacking religious belief. Two, he likes to treat Christians - all of whom, without exception, are illogical, delusional and dumb, according to him - with respect. And of course, three, he's there to make money and he's getting outperformed by newbies. Also, he doesn't see that changing.

It's hard to know what to find more grimly amusing about this. On the one hand, there's something funny about a wannabe atheist preacher trying to shear his flock - it just goes to show you don't need to believe in God to successfully duplicate the worst excesses of religion. But what's even funnier is that, his attempts aside, he's just so damn bad at it. A poor debater, terrible at reasoning, awkward writing skill at best. About the one thing you could say for him in the past was that he was willing to put in time with a blog dedicated to atheism, running around and promoting it in everything up to and including the comments sections of people's personal livejournals. But now there's a bunch of nitwits doing the same thing and doing it better than John could ever hope to.

At this point, I'm looking forward to hearing about some new, popular atheist blogger whose avatar is just a picture of himself wearing a cowboy hat. John's going to go freaking ballistic.


The Deuce said...

Also, in case you haven't been informed yet, John Loftus would like you to BUY HIS BOOK!

Crude said...

Yeah, I also repeatedly saw John nag various bloggers to buy and review his book, screaming that they were afraid to. The few who said 'Okay John, I'll review your book. When can I expect my copy?' had John turning around, talking about how he was way, way too poor to send anyone any copies and begging them to buy the book themselves.

And of course, if anyone reviewed his book, he'd go to his site crowing about how such and such person reviewed his book and it just proves how seriously it's being taken. Leaving out the whole 'I nagged, begged and pleaded with them to read it' part.

Syllabus said...

My favourite was when he claimed that people called him "the Tiger Woods of atheism" or some such nonsense. Reminds me of another cheeky monkey who claimed be just as much a philosopher as Aristotle or Hume.

Crude said...

The Tiger Woods of atheism? Man, there's only one vague comparison between Loftus and Woods that would be kinda-sorta valid, but it would involve relationships. Not skill.

But yeah, I somewhat recall there was a phase when he was going around talking about how he was the biggest baddest atheist in all the land. I don't think even he believed it - a lot of what he does reeks of either bad self-help books or bad books about marketing.

Syllabus said...

Oh, he probably didn't. But it was hilarious to see, let me tell you.

Ilíon said...

Hmmm .... "stupid atheist trick" or "stupid blogger trick"?