Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Komen Foundation Cures Itself of Abortion Cancer

Those pink ribbons are freaking everywhere. Let's say that right away. I can't go into the grocery store without seeing a tremendous number of them

I was unaware that the Komen foundation had any ties to the baby choppers, but it seems that that association is now at an end. Good for them. I'll drop some of my extremely meager finances on them to support their decision.

Naturally, this is leading to some amusing freakouts among abortion sanctifiers - complete with full-on attacks against the Komen foundation. Attack one being 'this is all political' (So what if it is?), attack two being 'the foundation's founders are tied to the Republicans anyway'.  Because, I don't know. Apparently the plan is 'if people know that the charity for fighting breast cancer is headed up by Republicans, people will... associate Republicans with fighting breast cancer!'? And of course, you have people talking about how now they're 'going to think twice' before donating to Komen's foundation. Because that's the price of their donation - silent or active endorsement of the Blood Sacrifice.

What's interesting is that it's not like this is a change in the core mission of the foundation. They just are distancing themselves from the chop shops, which they weren't supposed to be about to begin with - this was about breast cancer first and foremost, supposedly. I suppose the followup comment is, "Or was it?" The accusation is that the Komen Foundation's decision is all about politics. But man, the maneuvering from the Planned Parenthood association and their lackeys sends off the vibes that this was all about politics from the start for them. It's not the politics they dislike - it's the wrong politics.

Here's hoping the Komen group stays the course on this one. With effort, it's only going to be the first of many organizations telling PP to take a hike.

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