Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behold, the Lion of Atheism, John Loftus

So, I hit Randal Rauser's blog recently. I honestly, truly enjoy reading Rauser's thoughts. He's like a young Victor Reppert - liberal, but a sincere Christian, and while he's far more aggressive, he's a guy I can have a conversation with. I appreciate that. I respect it. Good conversations to be had there, even when I disagree with him.

Which is why I was upset when I heard he was co-writing a book with Loftus. You know, what with Loftus being a complete hack and a charlatan.

I decided to tell Randal exactly what I thought of his team-up with Loftus. The funny thing is, I said that Loftus was a poor writer, a mediocre thinker, utterly unprofessional and rather unimpressive. But that's all I said: honest, direct opinion of his relevant "talents", and nothing more. Stinging stuff, I grant you. Pity it's true.

And you can tell it's true because Loftus himself showed up. And wow, way to prove my points. Screaming demands that I be banned because I'm a troll (I've had long conversations with Randal and others on his site, I think I've been polite, and to his credit Randal defended me - and keep in mind, Randal's got some stakes going on since John's his co-author, which makes his act more impressive than normal), accusing me of telling lies about him. I say, alright John - what lies? Link 'em up, let's see these lies I've been telling, because according to my recollection I've either told the truth, or I've given my frank opinion.

John responded by screaming expletives at me, refusing to back up his allegations, and apparently bolting.

It's over now. I withdrew from the thread, and - unless John makes that 'lies' allegation again - I won't be returning to that particular one. But I think it's emblematic of why I have such a particularly low view of Loftus. It's not that he's an atheist. It's that he's such an obvious hack - a mediocrity in all ways - yet he's constantly billing himself as some kind of juggernaut, despite all evidence to the contrary.

It's like watching a bad dancer. If you see some guy on the dance floor and he's just doing a terrible job of dancing, will you make fun of him? Not unless you're a jerk. I mean, the guy is trying, right? Let him have his moment, it's none of your business. But if you see that same guy later on boasting about how he's such a great dancer, and how these OTHER GUYS (who, as a matter of fact, are vastly better than him) suck so bad... that's when it's time to hit the guy with reality. "No, you're actually quite a terrible dancer. You have no rhythm. Your clothes look ugly. You're as graceful as an alcoholic in a bounce house. So stop talking yourself up."

That's why, when Loftus' name comes up, I'm frank. It's not just because he's an incompetent atheist apologist - that's not special at all. It's his penchant for insulting his betters (even fellow atheists!), his 'clearly trying to mask an inferiority complex' boasting, mixed with his utter lack of talent. There's just something so wrong about a hack acting like he's hot shit that keeps me from being able to stay quiet.


Lapa Pinton said...

The Great and Powerful OFT has spoken!

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!


Syllabus said...

Lack of self awareness, thy name is Cowboy Hat Guy.

Cale B.T. said...

Hey Crude, did you see this one? http://debunkingchristianity.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/i-went-to-church-today.html

Ephram said...

A bit off topic, but have you caught wind yet of this new "Atheism+" movement? Surreal and hilarious.

Crude said...


No, I didn't. Really, I don't keep tabs on Loftus at all - I only talk about him when he comes up as a subject on a blog I hit. So he's going to a universalist church? I think it's pretty telling that the first thing he apparently did was run out and tell everyone he went to church because YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HIM.

The man is just tacky.


Yeah, I've seen it. Shadow to Light has been offering some great commentary on it. I love how Carrier could not make an ass out of himself fast enough over it - and I see he's since tried to dial things back and said it's all a big misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Myers continues his descent into self-parody. I'm really waiting for another word from the bigger Cult of Gnu leaders against Myers - Harris already did so, but I think eventually someone is going to decide the man is a serious liability to their "cause".

Eric Thomson said...

Atheism, welcome to 1990s style political correctness run amok.

Mr Veale said...

Hi Crude

You may, or may not, be interested in this short piece:



Crude said...


Thanks. Have you ever seen RD Miksa's takedown? I admit, I thought that was interesting.

I agree that Loftus' OTF is in shambles no matter how you look at it - at least the OTF as Loftus offers it. The general part about 'try to judge things without bias' is in better shape - but as has always been said, that part's not original to Loft anyway.