Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hi There, Kilo Papa!

Man, you always try to post a comment, and you are always weeded out. At least you're a regular visitor.

Either way, so long as you keep on visiting, perhaps you can answer a question for me.

Is this you?

After all - non-religious. Vegan (well, ex-vegan). Kilo Papa is quite an unusual, specific name, and you were certainly the kilo papa on

So, can you please verify if, in fact, this is you?

Thanks ever so much for your reply.

EDIT: Looks like this may have gone private. Yay for caches - so the question remains.

From the cache:

kilopapa : Honestly Speaking
AboutNon-Smoker with Athletic body type CityLakewood Washington
Details33 year old Man, 5' 11" (180 cm), Non-ReligiousEthnicityBlack Scorpio with Black hair
Intentkilopapa isn't seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment.EducationBachelors degree


I am Seeking aWomanForHang Out
Needs TestView his relationship needsChemistryView his chemistry results
Do you drink?NoDo you want children?Yes
Marital StatusSingleDo you do drugs?No
PetsNo PetsEye ColorBrown
ProfessionGraduate StudentDo you have children?No
Do you have a car?YesLongest RelationshipUnder 1 year

About Me
I always learn something good from life; that it consists of constant desire to improve. Basically I'm a fairly busy person that goes to graduate, school, exercises and has 3 jobs. From time to time I am online. Hopefully, while I'm on this site, I get to have some nice enjoyable chatter that may lead to something. If not, that's okay too. As long as things stay the same or get better, I'll be alright.
I'd like to not weigh myself too often or look at how much I'm lifting but to see physically how I am changing & see by plates how much I'm lifting. I want to be passionate about fitness & not have it be something I'm addicted to. Too often I hear that word addictive when I see interviews and I become concerned. I want my personal training business to not be the only focal point in my life. I want to let the site I develop and the quality of service I offer to do the selling so that I don't have to aggressively approach people for sales. I believe in fewer clients and better service rather than many clients and compromised service. I think that if you're one of many clients there tends to be a chance of being treated like less of an individual. I've experienced it myself and have had other people tell me this.
I am currently at worker at a local gym & like the free gym membership that comes with employment. I am a certified ACSM personal trainer. I can get wide-eyed when I talk about something I'm truly passionate about like fitness, exercise, nutrition or teaching. I can also be fairly intense especially on the soccer field. Overall I'm an outgoing and confident person. I believe in staying humble as I feel that humility is a valuable leadership trait. I constantly strive to be a better person and specifically a better leader.
Being a Scorpio I've noticed that the horoscopes are usually right about predictions they make about me or my personality. I am sensitive, passionate and sweet but I somehow am still a type A personality. I like chess and crossword puzzles. When I watch sports I sometimes like to watch them without sound because the commentators either are not always keeping up with the pace of the action or are biased towards one side.
I am not religious but spiritual. I was raised catholic but grew out of it as I had heard what some priests were doing to kids as well as how passive aggressive people were while trying to sway others to that doctrine. I believe in monogamy as well as platonic friendship before romance. I would like to be my own boss & not have to compromise my character because I love my facial hair and tattoos as well as long hair. I would like to have no more than 2 kids. 1 good deed per day that is unselfish is a must as well as being close to at least one other person on this earth; mother in my case.
Maybe one day I'll want a motorcycle & if someday karma lets me get 1, I will not complain. I like it when people look into my eyes when they are talking to me. I am attracted to intelligence and often seek people who have more of it than I do. I tend to have a short attention span & am a better tactile learner even though most of the courses I take are online. I like being funny and not being serious all the time. I think spontaneity is very attractive.
Another good quality to have is follow-through which is doing what a person said they were going to do because we as people tend to go back on promises a lot, even ones we make to ourselves. I know if a person has follow-through then they are at a point in their lives where I feel I would be ready to join them in a commitment assuming that all other things fell into place. Independence and leadership are other good qualities as well as humility & non-superficiality. Basically I hope to meet a person with an abundance of inner & outer beauty who finds me as attractive as I find them.
As part of my ever changing lifestyle, lately I had been constantly tweaking my diet and exercise as I try to find the right combination of both. Again, I just attempted to workout 3hrs a day, that is to be physically active for at least this long. Doesn't have to be structured exercise. Still working on going longer than 2.5hrs. No more vegan. That was interesting but I could tell that the vegan diet was not what I was meant for. No raw food diet; have not tried it but I am thinking that I am not meant for that either. On the paleolithic diet; basically I eat 80g protein, 80g fat, 15g-28g carbohydrate, 100g-300g fiber. Fiber comes from raw kale, raw broccoli and the like. One piece of red meat per day no more than twelve ounces. Mixing up my protein sources so that I do not rely strictly on animal proteins for amino acids for energy. The only fluid being ingested is distilled water. About to start working out 2.5-3hrs a day 5-6 days a week calisthetics/bodyweight with no cardio and stretching.
Hopefully this gets me looking and feeling the way I want to. I got a feeling it will. Time will tell. So far so good but there is still progress to be made. Loving this..

First Date
As long as there is a table with food and drinks on it and we are making eye contact while talking, that should work. Light meal though so we're not chewing so much and unable to talk, lol.

Mail Settings
To send a message to kilopapa you MUST meet the following criteria:
Must not have messaged users looking for intimate encounters or sex.
Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter
Must not do drugs
Must not be married
Must not smoke


Crude said...

I admit, if this IS kilo papa, this is really, really funny.

I mean the vegan bit was one thing. For a guy who just loves to stomp around and scream at people being irrational, veganism is an adorable dietary choice - one, I recall, he was insisting about for moral reasons until, oops! Too hard. He's on the paleo diet now.

But the best part? If this is the same guy, then the fact that he's a freaking horoscope reader of all things is just so damn adorable. He's a Scorpio, you know. And, gasp, he's just like what the horoscope says. Magic, man, I tell ya!

Crude said...

So tell me something, Kilo. Since this apparently is you.

What idiotic barbarism are you more ashamed of? The interest in - of all stupid fucking things - astrology? The veganism? The fact that, after kicking up a storm about being a vegan because animals are PERSONS, you ditched it because, darnit, hamburgers taste too damn good?

I mean, you have so much to choose from! By all means, don't pick just one bit of stone-age bullshit you subscribe to. Tell me about *all* of the shame you feel. ;)

Good luck being *snrrk* spiritual. :D