Friday, November 2, 2012

A Political Puzzle

Here's a political puzzle for you to figure out.

How do you address, as a socially conservative christian, a 40% birth rate to unwed mothers? 

Now, keep these factors in mind.

* They're unwed mothers, so they didn't have an abortion. And a socially conservative Christian is going to have to regard that as praiseworthy, even if in a 'basic human dignity' sense. "You didn't murder your unborn child. Well done!"

* Not only is the praise there, but any criticism will be immediately taken - even by many pro-life Christians - as encouraging abortion. After all, if women are going to be stigmatized for giving birth to their conceived-out-of-wedlock children, that's all the more encouragement to procure an abortion, right?

So, how does the socially conservative christian handle this issue?

Keep in mind, I realize it's entirely consistent to be against abortion, yet also critical of unwed mothers (and, of course, the guys who got them pregnant). But in a practical sense - in terms of being socially effective - this seems like a fiendishly difficult problem. The sense I get is that most Christians have coped with it by completely dropping any negative reaction to a girl getting pregnant outside of marriage Even the socially conservative Christians will fall back to 'we have to be compassionate, this girl's life is going to be tough enough as is, let he who is without sin cast the first stone!' in large part. (Of course, it's a different story for the male half of these equations.)

It's a puzzle.


Drew said...

Could always encourage them to marry the fathers

Crude said...

It encounters very similar problems. What happens when the girls refuse? Shame them? Criticize them? You're back to the same problem, only worse.

That's assuming they even know who the fathers are.