Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Watching the Republicans Choose Their Issues

It's funny to see the GOP fret and argue about which issues they should drop in order to have a 'bigger tent'. I've not had much respect for the Republican party for a long time, but I will say - if the GOP keeps insisting that conservatives need to drop some issues in order to start winning again, the ones saying so may not like the issues that end up being dropped.

For my part, I'd sooner capitulate on economic principles than on certain social ones, like abortion. If they simply mean that pro-life advocates should stop focusing on rape exceptions, I'd have to agree. Even people like myself who believe that life begins at conception need to be willing to take what we can get, not hold out waiting for the all-or-nothing approach.


Gyan said...

One may well believe that life begins at conception and yet accept that very early life is between mother's conscience and God and politics has no role there. nghLar 190

Crude said...

I'm not sure that's quite so feasible, personally, in an intellectually consistent sense. But I reject the common pro-life refusal to at all understand legal pragmatism, progress or simple persuasiveness.