Saturday, March 2, 2013

What a surprise

Dawkins turns out to be not just a liar, but an incredible pussy.

Does anyone really believe that Dawkins is just plain unfamiliar with the God of Islam? Better yet, unwilling to comment loudly about that which he does not have much familiarity with?

The William Lane Craig debate-ducking was hilarious enough, and to this day you can still find Cultists of Gnu willing to go to the wall for Dawkins on that. Will they also admit that Dawkins doesn't really know all that much about the God of Islam and he's incapable of commenting on either the existence or character of said God?

Probably a few will. Which just goes to show, you don't need to be a theist to have a cult of personality. Hell, you don't even need a leader with a particularly good personality.


NoshPartitas said...

At least Hitchens, to his credit, had the stones to criticize religions other than Christianity. Now don't get me wrong, I found Hitchens to be arrogant and...well, let's not speak ill of the dead.

Point is, his contempt for Islam was fairly public.

Crude said...

Funny thing is, Hitchens in part built his career out of speaking ill of the dead.

Mostly I love not just that Dawkins ducked the question, but it was such a transparent, obvious ducking.