Thursday, April 25, 2013

Children made to kiss each other in front of their class as part of anti-bullying workshop

Because anything less would be homophobic, I assume.

I'm pretty sure that eventually the logic of this kind of thing is going to seep out into the culture and hit a point where, at least in some areas, the most masculine, heterosexual guy is going to be depicted as being so 'confident in his sexuality' that he has absolutely no problem sucking cock or getting fucked up the ass. It's those guys who don't want to do it who are sexually confused and probably gay. The special, bad sort of gay.


BenYachov said...


I read about the 5 year old little boy who kissed a little girl in his class and they suspended him and called the police for sexual harassment! A harmless little boy!

Yet here we are telling teenage girls to kiss each other by their teachers?

If this was done at a party with drinking & pot smoking instigated by a bunch of horny teenage boys that would be considered sexist, vulgar, immoral and abusive(which I have no problem with BTW). But it's ok when your teacher tells you too do it?


Here is an idea! Don't let your kids go to wild parties and don't be the "cool" parents who allow them in your home & sue the shit out of any teacher who tells your daughter to kiss a girl in front of them.

Tolerance for gays!!! Whatever happened to simply telling kids not to pick on each other for being different?

What happens if a teacher rounds up all the gay students and makes them kiss members of the opposite sex in front of the whole class in order to "cure" them? Would that be a good idea? No it wouldn't.

What is it with these Orwellian schools that have to pro-form social experiments.

Crude said...

Well, it's the next step I suppose.

The problem is, 'don't pick on other kids', with gays, is not enough. They see even rejecting sodomy and same-sex sexual relationships as itself a part of bullying and abuse - so, it has to be celebrated.

Not accepted, not tolerated. Celebrated.