Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Kermit Gosnell news

Megan McArdle weighs in. I notice that she tepidly admits that the media - and keep in mind, we're talking collectively about the national media nearly as a whole here - has refused to cover the story largely because of their pro-choice leanings. She tries limp-wristedly to turn the whole thing into a pro-choice cause: 'This is the very thing being pro-choice is supposed to keep from happening!' - but I think she knows it's a strained narrative at best.

I'll offer my own estimation: yes, the media at large has avoided the story because they fear it can't be spun in a way that does anything but make abortion look horrible. But more than that, it's because it's a story where the realities of abortion are front and center. You can't talk about Gosnell and, in a sterile-fashion, reference 'a woman's right to choose' (and always leaving out what is chosen) or 'reproductive rights' so easily. At the end of the day you have babies getting killed at a mother's whim, by the morally depraved. And this time, you have to talk about that.

That won't do. That is the absolute last thing you're ever supposed to actually discuss when pro-choice. Abortion is supposed to involve, you know.. a hysterically sobbing 12 year old black girl who was raped by her white stepfather and now is terrified and also if she has the child she will die, and also she's halfway through her first trimester at most. That's supposed to be what people think of when they think of abortion. A dead infant in a toilet with its throat slit? No, we're not supposed to think about that. Not yet, anyway. Not until the Singerisms and Cult of Gnu beliefs become more acceptable.

Still, the Gosnell incident does have one silver lining: it's provided some more evidence that the national media is corrupt. At this point you have to be goddamn blind, stupid or dishonest to claim otherwise.


Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Plus, as you may have already mentioned, there's the fact that former IL senator Obama voted numerous times against outlawing partial birth abortions, which are precisely the kinds Gosnell specialized in. So in a way, Gosnell is Senator Obama's ugly political stepchild. Obama was, literally, an enabler for Gosnell's misanthropy. Gosnell's case is effectively giving free press to "those awful pro-life posters" (of mangled fetuses, etc.), and the horrid reality of abortion is something no one wants to face. The MSM knows that: any press is good press, and right now Gosnell is giving tons of stomach-turning press to the horrors of abortion.

Crude said...

Oh, wouldn't it be great to hear Obama's response to Kermit Gosnell? Wait, wait, I know we'll hear.

"I'm not familiar with this. I don't comment on local stories."

Cale B.T. said...

Meanwhile in Australia, we have Singerians like Leslie Cannold
comparing abortion with blowing one's nose.
and, in the state in which I reside, a proposed Bill
which affords no ethical status whatsoever to a foetus in the 1st and 2nd trimester, and creates 150 metre "access zones" around premises at which abortions are performed, with any protest being illegal within these areas. And these two things are by no means the end of the Bill's absurdity.

Please pray that this bill is rejected.

Crude said...

Please pray that this bill is rejected.

To be stone honest, I'm a little encouraged to hear that such zones are even necessary. I thought protests against abortion clinics didn't happen elsewhere.

Why, it's almost as if the media doesn't report them...

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

There's got to be some clever blend of Barack Obama and Kermit Gosnell (aside from their overlapping stances on infanticide). Barackit Obosnell?

Note the, apparently genuinely, naive third comment or so, asking, "Do you think the media blackout could have anything to do with Obama's fingerprints being on the issue?" Hmmmm.....

Crude said...

I notice that Obama did get asked about this, and he basically said he has no opinion either way. So, you know. That's nice.

And of course, that itself gets downplayed.