Monday, June 3, 2013

China seeking to tax single mothers

It's immoral, of course. But it's hard not to laugh a little.

Straight from the article:
The Regulation on Wuhan's Population and Family Planning Managementreleased by thecity's legislative affairs officeimposes financial penalties on unmarried mothersincludingthose who give birth to a child for a married man although she is aware the man is married.The aim is to intensify family planning management and keep the birth rate at a low level,according to the regulation.
Now, I'm pro-life. Life begins at conception, etc. And I have enough respect for freedom to regard this kind of government intrusiveness as absolutely foul.

On the other hand, I also have enough awareness of the sacramental nature of All Things Reproductive (especially abortion) on the secular left and the naive push towards making the government into a "well-meaning" overseer over more and more aspects of our lives. So I read this and honest to God, my gut instinct is to laugh.

Really though, it's not exactly farfetched in reasoning. Plenty of liberals have already played apologist for China's abortion policies - you know, the hand-wringing talk about how they have too many children there and the government must do SOMEthing. Just like, once the government is in on the health care game, suddenly they have warrant to dictate everything from smoking laws to sugar intake oversight (we have to keep costs low) - and hey, once you're walking down that road, it's the smallest step towards reasoning that the new life forms women tend to gestate in their wombs are also subject to a bit o' legislative oversight. After all, the government's going to have to provide for that kid, or deal with the fallout of his* being poorly raised and becoming a burden on society. And if that's the case, well... you have your warrant for taxing single moms.

In fact, it's China. Taxing is getting off light.

Anyway, on we go.

The draft states that an unmarried mother must pay a fine equivalent to at least twice the average income in the previous year
That's a hefty fine. On the other hand, taxes on cigarettes are substantial too. Don't want to pay 'em? Don't smoke. Or, if you do want to smoke, get that money together first, eh? So the same deal holds here. No one's saying you can't be a single mom. Why, just pay this modest fee and you're all set.

Yuan Xina professor of population studies at Nankai Universitysaid although the regulation is meant to check the number of children born out of wedlockit fails to take into account the complexity of society and is difficult to be carried out.
To which I say: oh yeah? Wanna bet? I have a feeling it's going to be very easy to carry out. Is a girl at a hospital giving birth? Well then, where's the father? Oh - you're not married? Alright, no problem. We've got your bill tallied and everything.

"For examplethe number of people who choose to be single has increased rapidly in recentyears," Yuan said. "If the regulation is carried outsuch people will not be able to legally have achildwhich is irrational.
No, they can legally have a child. They just have to pay the tax. And what's irrational about not allowing single people to have children without a penalty? Seriously - where does the logic train crash on this particular railway?

Finally, we have this complaint dressed up as a question:
"The regulation is ridiculous," added Wang Qionga professor at Wuhan University. "What if woman chooses to have a test tube baby without getting marriedShould she also be fined?" 
Let me consult my Magic Communist 8-Ball here... "Yes."

Huh. That was pretty easy, wasn't it professor?

(*'Don't you mean his or her, Crude?' You ask. I reply: it's China. They don't squander their 1-child permit on girls.)


Anonymous said...

Here in America the left presided over this happy wedding of the Environmental movement and the Pro-death movement abortion, assisted suicide, and death panels (cough, I mean free government health insurance). So they really do have to bring out the pom-poms when China does this stuff.

A bit surprised they don’t just go right to forced abortion for the single mothers and make them pay for the procedure. Get the fine and another dead Chinese baby all rolled into one.

Crude said...

Yeah, like I said - a tax is getting off pretty damn light.

Cale B.T. said...

The esteemed pro-choice feminist Naomi Wolf wrote a illuminating article on the role that dehumanising the unborn has played in the pro-choice movement:‎