Saturday, August 10, 2013

A leftist Catholic sees the problem with the Catholic left

An interesting piece, all told. A self-described member of the Catholic Left notes the reason why some leftists are overlooking all of Pope Francis' exhortations to help and focus on the poor: because he's still against abortion, and he still regards same-sex marriage and same-sex sexual behavior wrong and sinful. Without capitulation on those topics, he's still a Bad Pope.

So what's the analysis in light of this?
If Catholics on the Left are not willing to stand up for the unborn, we have, and should have, no credibility when we stand up for the undocumented or the unemployed or the other "un's" in our society, the very people the Holy Father has asked out to embrace. We know where Ms. Hunt stands. Where is the rest of the Catholic Left going to stand? 
Sounds like as good of a line in the sand as any.

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