Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Animal Farm Files


Who did Robin Hood steal from?

Who does everyone say Robin Hood stole from?


Anonymous said...

I'll bite, because I'm honestly not sure where you're going with this.

Robin Hood supposedly stole from the rich, so says "everybody". Who did Robin Hood "really" steal from? I'm not sure, since his existence is by no means proven and even if he did exist we would have no way to prove what his actual crimes were.

What PEOPLE did he steal from? Tax collectors, I guess? Royalty? That would seem a little odd given that there appears to be such a reverence for King Richard in the stories, whatever the contempt for Prince John.

So where is this heading?

Crude said...

Pretty much what you said. Robin Hood stole from the government, due to unjust taxes. He didn't steal from just 'wealthy people' but 'tax collectors', government officials, who were excessively taxing the people.

King Richard is revered, but he wasn't responsible for the taxes - he was turning things over to others while he went and fought a war.

But somehow this story has gotten turned upside-down, so The Rich are the enemy, not the government. And at this point it's so commonplace that a lot of people don't even remember that part of the story.