Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Humanist on Humanism

We are Humanists because for us, Humanism is part of being the best, most honest, most thoughtful human beings we are capable of being.

I try to be fair, despite my cynicism. But I cannot read the above and come away thinking the writer is anything but a tremendous toolbox. Even the more sanctimonious Christians typically talk about virtue in terms of what they strive to do, standards they try to live up to, often while emphasizing that they falter. Not to mention, exactly how 'humanism' is part of any of that is just left unexplained. No doubt in part because humanism is such mush.

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Heuristics said...

Well, as I say over and over again g, none of this stuff ever comes with a definition. All these statements appear to actually mean is: "I like this" or "I dislike that".