Monday, December 30, 2013

Shadow to Light's Year in Review

Shadow to Light's latest post about the Year in Review for New Atheism is worth a read if you haven't checked it out yet. In fact Shadow to Light is one of the best sources on the web in terms of up to date Cult of Gnu criticisms - he targets what they're doing lately, as opposed to what they've said in the past. And he does it with some considerable perception.

One of the habits theists have to break out of is this tendency to regard Cult of Gnu atheists as exactly what they advertise themselves as: lovers of science, free thinkers, skeptics and haters of dogma. I think if you go out and meet them, and if you think about the interactions critically, you're going to quickly find that they typically fail on all four fronts. And Shadow to Light helps illustrate that.


Steven Jake said...

I think your latter paragraph is dead on. Atheists are just as dogmatic and close-minded, when it comes to their philosophical presuppositions of naturalism, as fundamentalists are. They have already reached their conclusion and simply cherry-pick pieces of evidence that can bolster such a conclusion.

Crude said...

Hey Steven,

The New Atheists are rotten with this, and frankly, a little on the scary side. The problem I have is that a good number of people - even Christians! - take them at their word that they are big boosters of science, of reason, of free-thinking, etc. More and more, we should start questioning this - because it simply isn't true. At least, not of the Gnu Atheist variety.

Steven Jake said...

Exactly. They only utilize science when it fits into naturalistic assumptions. They only "freethink" when it bolsters a materialistic worldview.

A perfect example of this is near-death experiences. I've read a decent amount on NDE, both pro and con, and I feel that the evidence for their vailidity is overwhelming. Yet, when I read the skeptic literature, they only claim that one day such experiences will be subsumed under a naturalistic worldview. Talk about dogmatism.