Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another day, another job lost for having socially conservative views

This time a reality TV show was cancelled after it was revealed the stars had opposed gay marriage.

At what point would it become reasonable for conservatives to respond to this by googling the names of every employee they have and, upon finding out non-essential employees voted for the wrong political party or gave money to the wrong political cause, firing them?


Carlos said...

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if conservatives and other sane people couldn't fire raging liberal hippies because doing so would be "unlawfully discriminatory" or some such nonsense. Heck, isn't this already happening in various Catholic high schools around the nation?

Crude said...

Not really. It's more that they're demanding their Catholic educators be, y'know, Catholic. And they're protesting.

Pretty sure it's not a legal issue though.

Syllabus said...

Pretty sure it's not a legal issue though.

Maybe not, but that wouldn't be the main problem anyway. The problem would be when one of the employees gets with some news outlet and the employer gets a shitload of public outrage for being "intolerant" or whatever. This might not actually run them out of business, but it'll certainly earn them a hell of a lot of harassment,

Crude said...

That's true. On the other hand, as a graduate of a Catholic education, if the alternative is 'liberal educators' and 'no Catholic school', I'll choose the latter every time.

That's not much of a solution, but at this point the media is taken over to an extreme degree.