Monday, June 30, 2014

Victory for Hobby Lobby

Some pleasant rulings, for a change. Of course, the progressives scream bloody murder that corporations are 'telling women what to do with their bodies'. You know, by not offering them a particular employment benefit.

I notice 'keep the government out of my body!' fell by the wayside the moment government seemed attractive enough. What a surprise.


BenYachov said...

My battle cry has been KEEP YOUR OVARIES OFF MY ROSARY!!!

It is scary we have reached a point where we where one vote away from loosing our First Amendment Rights.

Bill O'Reilly on FOXNEWS went Ape on the Leftist Justices and said "If we get one more liberal Justice on the Bench we can loose our liberty.

I marvel how a whole generation of people have been raised to reject civil liberty.

The ACLU sided against Hobby Lobby! There was a time when they would have defended them on principle.

I guess you are right Crude. The lefties have gone mad with power.

Don't they realize this can bite them in the arse as well?

Syllabus said...

"Contraception is none of my boss' business! And he ought to pay for all of it!"

Anonymous said...

The dissent over this ruling honestly baffles me. It seems like such an absurdly obvious and simple ruling. The debate is ridiculous.

Legion of Logic said...

It's typical progressive mindset. Anything that doesn't expand rights (synonymous with "make life cheaper" or "absolve of personal responsibility") for everyone that isn't rich or a straight white Christian male is evil incarnate.

Ed said...

My sentiments as well, Malcolm.