Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Strawman Chronicles: The Plight of the Atheist

A: It's horrible how much hate atheists are subjected to in America.
B: Since when?
A: Just look at the polls! People would be less likely to vote for an atheist than a homosexual, or even a muslim! It's hateful and wrong that so few atheists are elected.
B: Huh. But you're always telling me how you're sure this or that politician is really an atheist.
A: Yes, but not openly! They couldn't get elected if they admitted they were atheists! So they have to lie just to have a chance at winning.
B: Interesting. Why do people say they won't vote for an atheist anyway?
A: They consider them untrustworthy for some crazy, bigoted reason.
B: Ah...


Anonymous said...

Tee hee. How does “not vote for” come to equal “hates”, anyway? Maybe voters simply think that someone who holds a radically different worldview would be less suitable to represent them than someone with a similar worldview. (Whom do atheists vote for, anyway? I wouldn’t be surprised — or offended — if they were more likely to vote for atheistic candidates. Which would make them “hateful” toward Christians, I guess. Unless someone wants to claim that atheists would be more likely to vote for a theist, in which case, we can hardly blame everyone else for doing likewise.)

Crude said...

I'll note that this wasn't so much about the morality of atheists, as the cluelessness of a certain subtype of atheist. Usually the same sort who spends all their online time brutally mocking Christians, but screams bloody murder when they find out many Christians have a low opinion of atheists.