Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sympathy for an atheist

As the Cult of Gnu's leadership has now decided flat out spirituality - aka, religion - is acceptable, even laudable, I admit to taking some amusement over the order of the mere footsoldier cultist.

To go from spending years bashing religion and religious practice... to now watching your leadership about-face and endorse meditation, New Age yammerings, mystical drug-laden 'spiritual' experiences - and realizing you're going to have to defend all this in order to remain consistent? Or, lacking that, agree with all the theists you'd been attacking over the years for daring to ridicule your idols?

Not a pleasant time for the Cultist of Gnu.

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BenYachov said...

Atheist spirituality?

Well nature abhors a vacuum.

Even spiritual nature it seems.