Sunday, September 28, 2014

The problem of progressive olive branches

I now and then see progressives rejecting laws about legally punishing Christians who refuse to prepare and serve cakes for gay weddings or firing people for opposing gay marriage because "we don't need to do things like that to win" or "things like that will only turn people away from our point of view".

This usually gets offered up as evidence that they're fair and civil people who are willing to agree to disagree on topics like these. For me, it's just a big flashing light that they're not to be trusted - because implied by their words is the idea that if in fact doing such a thing WOULD help them or would NOT harm them, they'd damn well do it. This is all made worse by my conviction that it's that kind of systematic abuse of authority that is helping to sustain the current trends in many areas - and that it's therefore only a matter of time that others realize such, if they don't realize it already.

Really, in context it's just a bizarre thing to say to someone who you're expecting to ingratiate yourself with. "I treat you with fairness because I think I can afford to do that and still get my way!"

Do you expect a thanks from me?

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The Deuce said...

Progressive "olive branches" almost always come off as attempts to cause Stockholm Syndrome and then take advantage of it.