Sunday, September 28, 2014

The sort of Christian the Cult of Gnu loves

For all their hostility towards theism in general and Christianity in particular, there's one kind of Christian the Cultists of Gnu absolutely love: the perpetually apologizing, shame-filled, doubt-wracked Christian.

A Christian who repeatedly apologizes on behalf of all Christianity for every single sin a self-proclaimed believer ever committed, who will talk about the monumental doubts they have in their faith, who will talk about how atheists not only can be as moral as Christians but as a matter of fact (in their experience) almost always are vastly more moral? Who has nothing but kind words and praise for atheists and skeptics, and open bitterness for any (particularly conservative) Christian leaders?

Be one of these and you can practically count on a guest post at Myers' swamp.

They are useful idiots with yellow crosses stitched on their clothing.

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GoldRush Apple said...

Either I live under a rock and/or I don't hang around Christians that are the ones (Gnu) atheists constantly talk about -- those that are supposedly bigoted, mean, stupid and are flat-earth types.

I haven't come across such Christians on the internet besides the Bible quoting ones, such Christians seems quite benign in their delivery of their posts.

What I have come across are bitter atheists who are downright condescending, vile, plain nasty and irrational (ironic as that may seem) in their exchanges with me and others. Granted we aren't the best at apologetics, but still.

Also interesting, besides the (Gnu) atheists are the ex-Christians turned atheists. I remember a post on "I Don't Give a Damn Apologetics" talking about amorality amongst atheists and I stumbled across an comment by a non-believer saying that since he became an atheist he grieves less -- that when he loses a loved one he isn't sad as long as he was before and that he quickly gets over it. I just found that interesting.