Friday, October 17, 2014

A Prophecy of Pharisees

The great left-right war of each side accusing the other of being the REAL pharisees isn't even really underway yet, and already I'm sick of it.

And my patience for a passive-aggressive pope is minimal. I enjoyed seeing him shake off the material excess of the papacy - that sent a good message.

Shaking off the clarity of it? Less so. And I think, unfortunately, we are seeing what happens when a Pope used to praise for his delicate sensibility and mercy has people stand up and criticize him. I've a feeling the mercy for unrepentant atheists and sexually active homosexuals will be sliced to a tenth for 'people upholding orthodox teaching.'

1 comment:

DP said...

You ain't seen nothing yet, said the grammar-impaired guy.

The passive-aggression is going to go through the roof until the final session of the Synod next October. Whee.