Monday, October 6, 2014

A Quick Synod Criticism

Courtesy of Catholic Culture we get this snip from Cardinal Baldisseri:
We are all aware that in freedom fraternal communion grows, discussion is enriched and the most appropriate pastoral choices regarding the family are singled out,” he continued. In fact, it is important for a person to express himself without fear or suspicion. Feeling free to express what is believed or what it is doubtful shows what distinguishes a human being from other creatures and makes him a responsible person before God and men.
 Some fast comments.

1: No, we're not all aware. This sounds like a nice ideal to hold, but it's not like this is known, especially with something as vague as 'freedom'. What's he talking about?

2: Ah, right. 'Freedom for a person to express himself without fear or suspicion.' Well, no. Not always. Once again, ideally, but frankly some people deserve to be feared or be regarded with suspicion. Maybe the Cardinal means freedom for someone loyal to the Church and its teachings, but in that case, he needs to say that. Freedom for complete bullshitters to talk with no one pointing out that they are, in fact, bullshitters is a bad move.

3: 'Distinguishes a human being from other creatures'? Again - what is the Cardinal talking about? Was this just mistranslated? I'm pretty sure what distinguishes humans from dogs isn't the fact that dogs don't 'feel free' to 'express their beliefs'.

There's nothing of major depth here, I just saw this and - in my unusual irritation today - wanted to point out the obvious. It's like being told that what makes Sarah Lee brand cupcakes taste good is the fact that they're made in a country that recognizes all men have the right to bear arms. I favor 2nd amendments rights too, but come on, what the hell? Enough of this.

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