Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Banned by Mark Shea

It will come as absolutely no surprise that I made the Mark Shea shitlist. Not sure when, but it happened.

I see Mark is continuing to do what he does best: namely mocking absolutely everyone who disagrees with him, perpetually freaking out, and when someone criticizes him harshly, he whips out a 'God bless you'.

Because nothing says 'faithful Christian' quite like using 'God bless you' as a stand in for 'Fuck you.'


The Deuce said...

I've been banned from both Mark Shea's blog and his FB page.

Here's the comment that got me banned from the blog, and here's a screengrab of the discussion that got me blocked on FB (I'm Ian Bibby, fwiw. Note that the last comment in that thread is from me as well. You'll be unsurprised to know that he deleted the ungoodthink afterwards. Always take screenshots when arguing with leftists with the ability to delete your posts, since they convince themselves they can control reality by controlling the narrative.)

Btw, it's funny how often he accuses others of hysterics when they see problems or have worries about the Catholic church, seeing as how he's practically never *not* in hysterics himself.

Crude said...

Funny, I remember one of the comments that he knocked off was a gun control one as well.

Crude said...

Actually, I suppose that's another good example.

Mark Shea there is snarling furiously, attacking everyone who, uh... ... is critical of the synod's supposed outreach of gentle forgiveness towards sinners. Is Mark Shea at all a fucking model of the very thing he's promoting? The man goes for the throat of anyone who disagrees with him politically.

Anonymous said...

The more I read of Shea, the less I like him. Walsh is pretty good. His stuff on marriage and sexual issues is pretty subpar (a newly married father probably isn't in the best position to be talking about dating and divorce, no?), but on things like abortion and gay marriage he's dynamite, and I've linked to posts of his on both of those subjects on my own blog.

That Shea would out and attack a fellow Catholic, eventually admit that his attack was motivated by anger, and STILL NOT APOLOGIZE is pretty scummy, not to mention dishonest, since I would bet my ass that Matt Walsh did not "attack depressives" or some such nonsense, and Mark was probably engaged in vicious libel. Easier to do when you don't link to the article that is supposedly so terrible.

It's true that Matt isn't a terribly great pure writer, though. On the other hand, I'm not really one to judge on that front.

Crude said...

It's not a single slip-up that turned me off to Mark. It's the fact that he is so consistent at freaking out and not only being utterly ferocious, but also being tremendously thin-skinned. If he were just an asshole, I'd not exactly have much room to criticize him.

But the man is singularly incapable of having a level-headed conversation about much of anything he cares about, and the utter sanctimony of saying 'God bless you' in a clearly provoking way is shameful. One thing I will not do, at my worst, is say 'I'll pray for you' as an obvious stand in for 'Fuck off', because it's a corruption of something that should not be corrupted.

If I want someone to be told 'fuck off', I say as much.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

I have been banned by Mark for years.

Amateurs!;-) :D

The Deuce said...


That Shea would out and attack a fellow Catholic, eventually admit that his attack was motivated by anger, and STILL NOT APOLOGIZE is pretty scummy

Not only does he not apologize, but note how he actually uses his anger as an excuse to be even more self-righteous, attacking the messenger with his "don't you think I already know!" indignation routine, and then sanctimoniously declaring that he's praying for Matt Walsh despite his holy anger.

I would bet my ass that Matt Walsh did not "attack depressives" or some such nonsense, and Mark was probably engaged in vicious libel.

I am grateful that nobody bet against you, as you would now have two asses and they would presumably look like Olive Oil.

This is the article that Mark characterizes as "gut punches people grieving suicides," and this is the article that he characterizes as "and then blames them for crying out in pain." You may note the decided lack of attacks on people grieving suicides or blame for crying out in pain.

It's true that Matt isn't a terribly great pure writer, though.

I agree. I like his direct style, and the way he lays down the logic and common sense hard, but he does tend to ramble. In any event, Mark is simply being petty when he throws that accusation, particularly since his own writing has the appearance of emotional TLDR rants written by an angry hormonal teenager halfway through puberty, full of obnoxious and endlessly-repeated catch-phrases that are the opposite of catchy ("The Thing That Used To Be Conservatism," "deranged gun culture," "God's Chosen Country Immaculately Conceived and Preserved from All Sin Both Original and Actual," etc).

Anyhow, what brought on Mark's attack on Matt wasn't his articles on suicide. Those articles were from a couple months ago, whereas that FB discussion was from about a week and a half ago. The occasion that actually brought it on was Matt's announcement that he had been picked up by The Blaze. This, of course, sent Simcha Fischer and Mark and the rest of the leftoid Catholics into a tizzy that such a undeserving promulgator of right-wing badthink was getting such a big platform, so they were lashing out. And he couldn't just come out and say "It's sooo unfair that somebody who disagrees with me gets to have such a big platform in such a short time!" Nope, he had to make it into a moral crusade against hurting suicidal people and pretend that he was just making an objective assessment of Matt's writing skills.

And btw, it's unlikely that he actually read either of Matt's articles, at least past the title and maybe the first paragraph. I've come to realize that Mark almost never reads things he attacks.

Anonymous said...

Shea did one good thing: Both of those Walsh articles are excellent.

GoldRush Apple said...

@ Deuce:

Is it common for lefty anything (Catholics, Christians, secularists) to freak out over someone who has conservative thoughts to gain a wider public platform - so beyond their personal blog/site/twiiter/FB - but, say, like The Blaze?

It's been my experience that people of more liberal views really, and sometimes I think they're genuinely scared and worried, that "wing nuts" (my insertion) are being given these chances. It's like constantly mocking FOX News even though FOX is a single channel amongst a sea of left-friendly news networks. It's like they feel threatened.

CatholicLayman said...

Mark Shea is not a nice human being. Lots of anger inside him