Saturday, October 4, 2014

On What Christians and Theists Need

More and more I'm convinced of this: what Christians and Theists need first and foremost in the modern world is pride and confidence. Good arguments, persuasive rhetoric, philosophical and metaphysical knowledge, scientific understanding - these are all well and good, but they come second. If you do not have some pride in confidence in yourself as a thinker - if you do not think you have a natural and inviolable right to come to conclusions and provisionally hold opinions based on your understanding (or even lack of understanding) of the evidence and arguments you've evaluated -you're dead in the water. All the arguments and clear thinking in the world won't help anyone if you're too nervous, shy, or irrationally ashamed to hold to them when it's time to do so.


Craig said...

Because of the theological meaning of "pride," I do not think we should be recommending it for Christians. Even if you intend a different definition, they tend to blur together.

"Confidence," on the other hand, is fine.

Crude said...

The problem is that 'confidence' doesn't communicate what I think is necessary. I want people to be proud of Christianity, of the Church, of a few other things.

I will worry about the theological meanings more with people who have the theological meanings in mind. Precision is important, but it's outweighed here, in my view.