Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cameras on cops? Let's not stop there.

While I think the Ferguson protestors - the violent ones, anyway - should have been given a full blown Jin Roh Wolf Brigade style beatdown, I admit that the proposed solution of 'every cop has to wear a body camera' is one I favor entirely. Police officers having their every interaction recorded will help weed out corruption, and likewise weed out inane 'gentle giant' claims.

In fact, in my view - this plan doesn't go nearly far enough. I would like to see cameras mounted on every public servant in the US.

Every judge.

Every lawyer.

Every defense attorney.

Every politician.

Every professor at a public university.

Record them all, I say. In fact, make it illegal for them to correspond about matters of the public interest without live-stream feeds going out over the internet and being permanently recorded on publicly accessible hard drives.

I believe in a right to privacy for private citizens. But not for politicians, or public servants - at least in their official capacities.

You may think I'm trying to make a point here by advocating something that sounds ridiculously extreme. If so, you're wrong - I don't think this is extreme at all.


Syllabus said...

It's a good idea. The problem is that, if the past few weeks have told us anything, it's that being caught on video, say, admitting that legislation was crafted to deliberately trick the American people, or choking out a cigarette vendor, or claiming that you have no constitutional authority to do a thing and then go ahead and do it, is no guarantee of a conviction or a recognition of guilt.

Crude said...

Sure, but I'd rather have the clear evidence in hand than lack it. Admittedly, you're pointing out that once you have the evidence, you also need a way to act on it.

But the evidence will be a nice step forward.

Dan Gillson said...

That would make some damn fine reality TV.