Friday, December 19, 2014

Fairness of description

Now, some people may bristle at the idea of calling the actions of North Korea 'social justice', to say nothing of left-wing or progressive. An attempt to smear the political left, etc, etc.

In reality, it's the exact opposite: it's fairness, and it's long overdue.

As long as Iran or the Taliban are painted as conservative or right-wing organizations, I'll happily note that the North Koreans are left-wing. Refer to female genital mutilation as being a 'conservative religious' practice, and I'll describe NAMBLA as a progressive organization

And if you're someone sympathetic to a socially conservative outlook broadly, I suggest you start doing the same. The first step of a real cultural reaction to these progressive problems is to control your own language, rather than letting your words be picked for you by the very people you're criticizing.


IlĂ­on said...

Unless feminists (of either configuration) scream that you're "attacking women" when you openly say what everyone is thinking?


Crude said...

How is Ilion like a feminist?

They're both bitches I have little problem telling off.

You are still nursing a major fucking grudge over my disagreeing with you, in all your aggressive, rude glory, years ago. Exemplify the worst traits of the female species all you like, Ilion - but I'll keep calling you out whenever you do it.

May as well be coming at me for years because how DARE I wear the same jacket as you at the office party, I know you bought it first, and you look BETTER in it, oooh burn you went there.

Ed said...

Well, someone has to tell the story...

Crude said...

Long story short - I thought Rush Limbaugh made a dumb move for calling an attention-seeker a slut. Not because I was defending the honor of the slut in question, who I have a very low opinion of, but because I thought it was a bad move that was easily maligned, and wasn't going to accomplish much. Rush apparently agreed, since he ended up apologizing.

Ilion disagreed the way Ilion does - by lecturing obnoxiously, until I snapped at him. He pushed, and I pushed back.

So now in Ilion's mind I'm just the eternal traitor because I think sometimes it's a bad rhetorical move to dive for the slut-label, and therefore it's 'hypocrite, liar, hypocrite, liar' ad fucking nauseum because he still cannot get over it.

This is tremendously penny-ante shit, but Ilion every now and then jumps out of the bushes to attack over it again because he's got grudge-holding abilities like you wouldn't believe. Admittedly I did say about ten times that he writes like a goddamn fop when he's upset, since he did that hilarious 'Talk about Crude in third person as if this wasn't directed at Crude' thing that normally only elderly women with a penchant for lace doilies and tiny dogs engage in.

The worst part is, I don't even give a shit. I go to his blog once every half year, I generally avoid him in comments, but man, I am just permanently on the enemy's list so we've got this shit going on. He goes out of his way to bring it up again, because apparently being this absurdly fragile and petty is a key ingredient in the culture war or something.

Incoming 'Liar! Hypocrite!' in 5... 4... 3...

Ed said...

At any rate, I am entertained.

You said, "he's got grudge-holding abilities like you-" and as I scanned ahead, I first thought the sentence stopped there.

I was surprised you could know me so well before I had even held a grudge against you.