Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For the white SJW, minorities are pets

Extremely fragile pets, who need quite a lot of special treatment.

The most absurd thing about Della Kurzer-Zlotnick's letter is, of course, the fact that it's written by someone named Della Kurzer-Zlotnick. Five seconds of googling tells me that this name is real, but if in two days it turns out that the entire thing is a hoax and this is actually the name of a bit alien character from Star Wars, put me down for having said I had my doubts about this name from the beginning.

Less absurd is a student at a university trying to bullshit her way out of a close exam date, and while most of the internet is plying the angle of the ever-fragile university students who faint at the drama of hardship, the cynic in me suggests that this is more a case of a woman who's been fucking around lately to the point where she's worried she may have protested (or partied) her way out of a good grade. While it's long been noted that people tend to wring their hands and argue that extraneous circumstances absolutely call for the thing they'd want, extraneous circumstances be damned, less appreciated is the fact that politics is often the handmaiden of personal want and hunger, rather than high-minded idealism.

But what's really the story here isn't the fragility Della puts on display, but just who the "fragile ones" are on planet Kurzer-Zlotnick:
It has come to the attention of students that students of color, particularly Black students, who have suffered significant trauma over the past few weeks due to the Grand Jury decisions are not at all in a place to take their finals right now. I am not among these students, and as a white, middle-class person, I have to privilege [sic] of being able to step away from these events and put enough energy into schoolwork and finals to assure that I will pass my classes.
Well, it's a good thing the minorities have a white middle class woman of privilege to speak out on their behalf.

Seriously, is there no man among the minorities Kurzer-Zlotnick encounters who is willing to step forward and say "Look, I can talk to my professors myself, thanks - I don't need some white bitch who just "cares" so damn much to speak for me"? Or is it mandatory you give up your balls if you step foot on campus nowadays? Granted, I wouldn't rule that out, but still.

No, I go too far. I'd expect a woman - a "woman of color" - to step forward and say as much too, but apparently the pleasure of being a victim has so thoroughly robbed people of their self-respect that, for better or for worse, they just accept this shit in silence. Or, God help us, with encouraging nods and clapping of hands.

"Thank you, Della! Thanks for establishing I can't keep my shit together in any professional capacity if Jesse Jackson's calls for a protest/riot didn't result in criminal charges being pressed against who he desires! I would have said this for myself, but you know people like me - too damn emotional and shaken up to do much for ourselves. But thank God you'll protect us!"

So the real question is what's more disturbing: white people treating their non-white peers as faberge eggs who require their constant coddling and tender care, or left-wing minorities who apparently agree to the point where none of them stand up say "Thank you, no, I'm emotionally well-balanced, can you please treat me like a goddamn adult?"


Craig said...

To be fair, if it were me, I might bitch about it to my friends but probably wouldn't bother complaining in any public forum -- or be likely to be noticed even if I tried.

Reason reports that the student put that exchange on Facebook; someone who's on FB and has more patience than I could start looking for responses, I guess.

laBiscuitnapper said...

^Yes, I was going to say just that. As a somewhat stereotypical female, black SJW, I have read a quite a few articles that highlight this and similar issues, but mostly we just carry on doing whatever it is we think we should be doing.

Crude said...

When you're entirely comfortable at having people speak out on your behalf, protect your fragility and your inability to perform whenever political issues don't go your way, and basically being treated as a pet, "we just carry on doing whatever we think we should be doing" pretty well cashes out as acceptance of the pet status.

laBiscuitnapper said...

I think to some extent, what you've said is true in the sense that one has to be honest with oneself and state that to many white liberals, it's ultimately just a fad, something to rile whatever authority figure it is they want to rebel against. Ultimately, the critiques of this kind of behaviour (I couldn't say about this specific case, but in more general discourse) are being made, but obviously not listened to.

I think it would be incorrect to say people are comfortable with 'having people speak out on [our] behalf', or aren't doing anything about it (I might be mistaken. Empty vessels do make the most noise after all - perhaps most of the bluster in the SJ movement is disingenuous), but that what they do probably just doesn't have much of an impact.