Monday, December 1, 2014

Goodbye, Cultists of Gnu

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Goodbye, Cultists of Gnu.

It barely took a decade for your secular counterparts to take note of your irrational approach to intellectual topics, your mockery and your namecalling, and deploy it against your own movement. The feminists are now overwhelming the secular left, and your idols have been judged to be insufficiently obedient to what is now the great cause of the moment.

It turns out it's not only Christians who can be made into the butt of contempt among your political allies.


Syllabus said...

Well this should be good.

*reaches for popcorn*

Crude said...

Ha. That's an old post by her, though it's getting passed around again.

Really, this was easy to see coming the moment Atheism+ tried to rise up - and the rallying cry of Atheism+ was 'either you're on board with all of our crazy SJW baggage or you are an ENEMY TO THE MOVEMENT'. It got beaten down momentarily, but these are not people who take a beating and then crawl back into a hole forever.

I think I've said before, I almost feel sad for some atheists. They finally stand up and demand what amounts to the precious right to jerk off to or fuck whatever they like without the religious culture condemning them... and it doesn't even last a decade before the secular version shows up to be furious at them for liking pictures of scantily clad women.

Pick your burqa, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Was it because Hitchens died or because he was an atheist who actually got air-time? Oh well, I always found it amusing and bemusing that the “new” atheists thought they were coming into their ascendancy rather than hitting their peak. When conditions are about as favourable as they’ll ever be, and your percentages can’t even hit double digits… but then nobody ever accused them of having any better a grasp of history than of philosophy.